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What happened in June? {June Wrap-up} + CPC Challenge 2

Hello everyone! Today I am wrapping up June, seeing if I made my goals and making new goals for July! 🙂

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the results of RATC Round 1 and find the new challenges for RATC Round 2 here!


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So I made some goals for June about mid-June. I haven’t looked at them yet but I don’t think I did very good… I kinda forgot about them.

I guess we’ll just have to see! 🙂

(goals I did complete are in purple)

  • Read 12 books

Let me check!

Oh my word!! I have read 11 books this month!!!! I think I still have time to finish the one I’m currently reading! I’m gonna say I made it! 🙂 (I only have like five chapters left in that book)

Books I read in June…

  1. Keeper of the Lost Cities – Book 1 (Goodreads)
  2. Twinepathy (Goodreads) (ARC review)
  3. A Girl Becomes Legend (beta-read)
  4. At Her Fingertips (Goodreads) (see my review here)
  5. Lightporter (Goodreads) (ARC review)
  6. The first Penderwicks book (Goodreads)
  7. The Murder on the Links (Goodreads)
  8. I Don’t Dance (Goodreads) (read for blog tour)
  9. Island of the Blue Dolphins (Goodreads)
  10. Betsy ~ Tacy and Tib (Goodreads)
  11. Mary Emma & Company (Goodreads)

And we went to the library today so YAY!!! 😀


  • Work out/exercise more

Ahem. I worked out I think 3 times this month. But I did go swimming twice too! That’s exercise so I think that counts! 🙂

So I kinda made this goal XD

  • Figure out Camp NaNo project

I did do that!

I am going to finish my novel and hopefully start editing!! 🙂

  • Write more

I think I did achieve this goal!

I wrote pretty much nothing in May and in June I decided I needed to work more on that and I did — both on my novel and CPC entries! (coming later)

  • Sew 6 things!

I only did six for a goal because June was a busy month for my family, July will definitely be quieter!!

I think I did this, between almost finishing a skirt and working on sleepy bears! I hand stitched several of the faces!

We are making some smaller sleepy bears for the craft fair we’re doing October because the price limit is $5

  • Figure out *cough* something

*cough* no.

That’s all I’m saying! You’ll have to wait til I get back from my hiatus *evil laugh*

  • Hold 2 lemonade stands

Yup! Did that!

  • Finish I Samuel and start II Samuel 

I did this too! 🙂

  • Do other little blogging things….

Maybe during my hiatus…. hehe…. 😛

  • Catch up on reading posts completely

*cough* Ya know what, let’s move on *cough-cough*


Well I guess I did better than I thought!! I think I completed 7/10 of my goals!


Goals for July!

  1. Have a relaxing hiatus
  2. Finish up RATC
  3. Participate in The Summer Bored Games!!
  4. Read 12 books
  5. Do some blogging related things
  6. Finish my skirt
  7. Finish up five sleepy bears
  8. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo!!!!! (recaps from that coming after my hiatus!!)
  9. Finish my novel: Newborn Faith!!
  10. Do 2 lemonade stands
  11. Be completely caught up on reading posts! (for real this time)
  12. Work in my sketchbook!
  13. Read half of the books from my summer TBR


What I did in June…

  • Went to my sister’s and friends dance recital!
  • Participated in two blog tours (here and here)
  • Sewed more!
  • Finished up with the math class I was taking (to prepare for algebra)
  • Finished piano lessons for the summer
  • Did 2 lemonade stands
  • Celebrated Father’s Day with both sides of my family!! So fun! <3
  • Our flowers started blooming (pictures down below)
  • Joined CPC!
  • Welcomed my sister back from traveling down south!
  • Watched Pride & Prejudice!! (so good!)
  • Started a sketchbook

And tomorrow after a funeral ( :'( ) I will be going to camp!

IMG_1523 Our bachelor buttons bloomed! But then they kinda died so we had to cut them back 🙁 🙁


IMG_1518 So pretty!


IMG_1521 The basil plant!


IMG_1525 Here’s the garden!


IMG_1524 Then I found a bud on the dahlia plant!


IMG_1533 Then, after like 4 days, we could see petals!! 😀


IMG_1536 Another bud on the dahlia plant — a tiny one too! 🙂


IMG_1538 And then a third stalk started coming up!!!


IMG_1540 Yay!


IMG_1542Watering plants! 😉


IMG_1545 This is kinda a cool picture!


IMG_1552 This one too — haha, look at the fence!

IMG_1556 Then I found a bud in the cosmo plant!


IMG_1557 😀 😀 😀

IMG_1562 Yesterday morning the dahlia finally bloomed!!!!!


IMG_1563 It’s so beautiful!


IMG_1566 Look at it!


IMG_1573 Then later that afternoon I went out again and it had bloomed even more!



new dividerResolutions Review!

(check out past posts like this here, here, and here!)

Do 9 blog posts a month…

I’ve posted so much these past few months XDD

This is my 96th post!


Read 100 books by 2019…

I think I’m starting to catch up on my goal! I’ve read like 34 books (not all are on Goodreads)

Check out my Goodreads account here! (send me a friend request 😉 )



Get to 1 Kings in Bible reading…

I am really close XD I am in II Samuel, I guess I underestimated what I could accomplish by reading a chapter a day!




My Photography Resolutions:

I want to improve me skills in photography and do it more often…

I’ve been working on that and I think I am improving, hopefully…


Use my parents camera (a Canon t2i) more often…

I definitely have! I need to mess around with some settings and things!

  1. I did some photo shoots with that camera: Beach Journal + Photos, Photo shoot with Hummingbirds (!!!) & Wisteria, Flowers & Cobwebs, HARP’s Round 6, Chicken Breakout {Please Welcome Carolyn Feathers the Third}, What is happening in my life #2, and What is Happening in my life #3 {explaining my hiatus}


Redo my shop a little bit…

Hehe… nope!


Take pictures of the Sleepy Bears and list them…

We have two sleepy bears (the big size) done and listed, but that was awhile back…

You can view listings here (Emily) and here! (William)


Sell 5 by 2019…




Sew more, plus crafting in general…

I have!!!!! YAY!! 😀


Finish the 2018 color you own calendar…

*cough* *cough* *cough* Ahem…. *cough*

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My CPC Challenge 2 entry!

I crept through the forest in the beautiful dawn on the first day of summer.

Sunlight filtered through the treetops, a butterfly flitted in and out, weaving through the rays of sun.

A squirrel chattered cheerfully, sharing the news of the woods with a chipmunk.

It was lovely being out in the woods this time of the morning.

I looked back. Beyond the trees I could see my family’s house nestled amidst trees and bushes. Birdbaths and other ornaments decorated the lawn.

And flowers. So many flowers!

Flowers were abundant at our house!

Whether just some wildflowers springing up, encircling a tree or trying to figure out how to help a rare rose survive, Mama loves to raise them.

Image result for writing prompts visual

Some brick steps ran up to our house. And I could see that on them, sat a candle.

Last night we had had a tent camp-out in our backyard. My little sister, Joy had insisted we use candles to walk out close to the orchards and set up our tents. (she had just learned how to use a match) I guess someone left one!

I turned back and kept walking.

I did this every year. Every year on the first day of summer.

Just like every other year, I was heading to the waterfall!

My photo from 1 year ago when we went up to camp! (same camp as this time)

You had to go through the woods a quarter mile at least (you could still see the house from there) to meet up with the creek. Then to get to the waterfall, you would journey along the creek a ways. I wasn’t quite to the creek as I had just started out, but would be soon.

I rounded a bend and sitting on a large flowery bush, right in front of me was a big, gray owl! He was sleeping.

“Why hello!” I exclaimed in surprise, “Good morning, happy summer, I guess!”

The owl opened one eye and peeked out at me.

Then he opened the other and looked at me clearly as if saying, “I didn’t expect to find you here so suddenly!”

There was something about him.

Something about the way he watched me.

I knew immediately, he would be my friend!

I pulled a bag of nuts from my blue backpack at my side and handed him a few.

He didn’t take them.

“Not a very friendly owl are you?” another voice spoke.

I jumped and twirled around coming face to face with my older brother.

“Ralph!” What are you doing here???” I asked, catching my breath, he had given me quite a scare, creeping up on me like that!  

He looked back at me, amused. “I heard you leave the tent and thought I’d come with you this time!”

“Oh… alright.”

“Did I scare you, Beth?”

“Ha, you think I didn’t see that coming?” I said but then bit my lip. “I mean, maybe a bit.”

Ralph chuckled. “Alright, you wanna get walking?” then “It is okay if I come… right?”

“It’s fine! I would be happy for some company! Let’s get going!”

We set off through the woods, conversing merrily between us and after coming to the creek, we went on and a half hour later, there we were, at the waterfall.


It was such a beautiful day, we ran all the back to get our family and then, carrying breakfast supplies between all eight of us, set off for a summer breakfast by the waterfall.

I only knew that this summer would be one of the best.


Total: 8 Points

Go Team Strawberry! 🙂

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Wow that was a long post XD

Thank you so much for reading!! <3

Also this will be my last post til I update you on RATC, I am officially on hiatus!!!! Honestly guys, it’s very needed 😉

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What are your goals? Tell me! How are you doing on your resolutions? Did you like my photos? Do you enjoy gardening? Are you doing Camp NaNo? Have you ever gone on hiatus?Are you doing CPC or The Summer Bored Games?

Enjoying your summer?

summer sign off


  1. You had a great month! 😀 And you need to read more of Keeper of the Lost Cities. 😉 So far, she’s going up to book 9! 😀 This year is book 7 (it was planned to have 7, but she decided that she had so much content ideas or something to increase the number so yay for us but also we’re going to die over the cliffhangers X’D ) (my emoji thing isn’t working right now so I’m just manually typing them in haha)

    1. Thanks! How was your month? Haha, yes! We went to the library yesterday! I got Book 2 and put Book 3 on hold!! (YAY! But yes, cliffhangers XD) ( *thumbs up emoji* XD)

      1. *suddenly realizes I didn’t post monthly overview yesterday* *runs screaming to get that done*

  2. I hope you have a great July! *screams because I’m so behind on reading posts and I didn’t know that you were going on a hiatus* Also here’s to a relaxing hiatus and a fun time at summer camp. 😉

    1. Thank you so much!! You too! 😀 *screams with you because I am so behind on posts as well* XDD Thank you, Olivia!!

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