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Lightporter Release Tour! Book Spotlight and Character Interview!

Hello everyone! Today I have another book post in which I am participating in C. B. Cook’s blog tour! 🙂

She let me read her books and if you want to see what I thought of them, you can check out the reviews (on Goodreads) here (Twinepathy) and here (Lightporter)

I will be doing a book spotlight and after that a character interview with two of the main characters, twins Albany and Brooklyn! 😀

Let’s get right into it, I’m super excited!

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Hullo, friends! I’m C.B. Cook, and I’m so excited for the release of my new superhero novel, Lightporter! It’s the second book in my IDIA series, with Twinepathy being the first, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with everyone. Here’s a little bit about the book.



  1. someone who has the ability to manipulate light and can use that ability to teleport

Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have gotten more comfortable in the superhero world. But when Blaze starts acting secretive and weird monsters attack, the girls realize there is more going on that they still don’t know about. Before long, they discover that Blaze is hiding something—or someone. With FOE still hiding in the shadows, the girls must decide who they can trust… before it’s too late.

This book took me so long to write, and I’m so excited that I’m finally able to release it. The book is releasing June 16th, but it’s currently up for preorder for just $0.99 on Amazon. Along with that, the first book, Twinepathy, is now permanently $0.99! So if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it, you definitely should.

About the Author

C.B. Cook is just a girl trying to find out where her King is guiding her, while writing the stories of the people she creates, the worlds she wants to live in, and the adventures she dreams about. Also known as a mysterious creature called an “author.” She’s a Christian and a home school graduate dedicated to changing others’ lives through the power of the written word.

Tour Schedule
Monday, June 11 th
Writefury – Character Interview and Lightporter Review
Dreams and Dragons – Twinepathy and Lightporter Reviews
Light and Shadows – Book Spotlight and Author Interview
Tuesday, June 12 th
Reading Anyone – Lightporter Review
Wednesday, June 13 th
Home With The Hummingbirds – Character Interview and Book Spotlight
Thursday, June 14 th
Ashley Bogner – Author Interview
Faith Blum – Book Spotlight
The Page Dreamer (Deborah O’Carroll) – Lightporter Review
Friday, June 15 th
Lights And Shadows – Friday 5s: IDIA Edition
Purely By Faith Reviews – Lightporter Review and Book Spotlight
Saturday, June 16 th (Release day!)
Marlene Simonette – Lightporter Review and Book Spotlight
Dreams and Dragons – Character Interview
Elven Padawan – Lightporter Review

(pre-written by C. B.)

Guys, doesn’t this book sound awesome?!?! You should totally check it out. 🙂

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Now… the part you’ve all been waiting for *pause for dramatic effect*

The Character Interview!

Please welcome…. Albany and Brooklyn! Hello girls! Let us dive right into the interview… 😉 (I am in blue)


What would you say your favorite hobbies were?

Albany: My favorite hobby is definitely reading. During the summer, that’s pretty much all I do. I love getting lost in other worlds and reading about my favorite characters’ adventures.

Brooklyn: I love doing so many things! I really like cooking and baking, but I also love fashion and shopping, if that counts as a hobby. I’ve even tried designing some clothes myself, although I’m not good at drawing or sewing.


How old are you two and what is your favorite color?

Albany: We’re both 17 right now, and my favorite color is turquoise.

Brooklyn: I love so many colors! Pretty much anything pastel, especially lavender and yellow.

I love those colors!


How often does Brooklyn go shopping? 😛 

Albany: Too often.

Brooklyn: Not true! I go shopping usually every other week, sometimes more often. But I don’t always buy things, and usually I go with friends.


Do your parents have any special nicknames for you two?

Albany: Not really. My dad does sometimes call me Al when he doesn’t feel like using my real name.

Brooklyn: Everyone in our family seems to like to shorten my name. Dad calls me Brook sometimes, and Mom calls me Brooklie when I do something that reminds her of when we were little.


Where is your favorite place to be?

Albany: My favorite place to be is probably either in my room reading or at IDIA. It mostly depends on my mood.

Brooklyn: I love being anywhere that my friends or my family are. As long as I’m with them, I can be happy anywhere!


What is your motto?

Brooklyn: My motto is “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” It reminds me that other people are people, too, and it encourages me to be kind to others and always treat them well.

Albany: Mine is probably “Do what is right, not what is easy.” It really inspires me, and it reminds me that the easy thing isn’t always the right thing.

Those are great motto’s.


What are your pet peeves?

Albany: Mine is probably getting interrupted while I’m reading. It’s so annoying when I’m at the climax and I get interrupted!

Brooklyn: My pet peeve is being late to things. I hate making people wait on me! I’d rather be really early than a few minutes late.


What’s the best part about being twins?

Brooklyn: Always having someone to hang out with and talk to! We’ve developed a really close relationship, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Albany: I think it’s really nice to have someone I can always confide in, and who knows me so well. The telepathy helps with that, but I think even without that, we would still have a really good friendship, in addition to being sisters.

Awe! 😀 


Do you wish your parents had more kids, or are you fine with just Denver as a sibling?

Albany: Two siblings is definitely enough for me. I love Denver and Brooklyn, and Maddie’s almost like our little sister now, too, but I’m kind of glad it’s just us.

Brooklyn: I kind of wish we had more siblings, because I’d love to have younger siblings to take care of, but it’s nice that it’s just the three of us sometimes. I think it makes us a lot closer.


Who’s better at Monopoly? 😉

Albany: Brooklyn always wins. It’s so annoying! I don’t know how she does it.

Brooklyn: *laughs* I have a secret strategy. The only person who’s ever beaten me is Maddie.

Haha XD


What would you miss most about your connection if it was broken?

Albany: I would most likely miss being able to talk to Brooklyn without anyone overhearing. It’s really helpful at school or in social situations.

Brooklyn: I don’t know, I think it would feel like an important part of us was missing. We’ve had it so long that it would be like losing an important part of our relationship. I think I would miss being able to share things we probably would never be able to share without our telepathy.


Do you keep secrets from the rest of your family through telepathy?

Albany: Well, if we’re talking about boys or something, we tend to use telepathy. It also makes it easier to discuss surprises for our family, like presents or surprise parties.

Brooklyn: That’s true. We try not to keep a lot of secrets from our parents, especially with the whole IDIA thing. But we do have our own private conversations, and we only talk about missions through telepathy.


How does being part of the IDIA affect your lives?

Brooklyn: I kind of think of it like a job. It’s easier for me since I usually stay at headquarters, but a lot of times we just go to IDIA after school, when other kids are doing extracurricular activities or working.

Albany: I agree. Except it’s the coolest job ever! I know our parents and Denver worry about us more because of it, which definitely affects our lives. But it also complicates things a little with the secrets we have to keep, and occasionally not being able to participate in activities.


Do you wish you had a different superpower other than telepathy? Or are you happy with it?

Brooklyn: I’m happy with telepathy! It’s wonderful to be able to have such a close connection with Albany. I don’t really enjoy my emotion manipulation ability as much, but I try to only use it for good.

Albany: I think it would be really awesome to have a power that was better for fighting, like Anvil’s metal manipulation or Blaze’s teleportation, but telepathy is interesting too.


What would you say is the most important thing to learn about your power?

Albany: I think we both would agree that since we have telepathy, we have to make sure not to invade each other’s privacy, or other people’s. I think that’s one of the most important things we’ve worked on.

Brooklyn: I agree. We have to respect other people’s privacy and not use our powers for our own gain.


Awesome, thanks for letting me interview you! 🙂

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Now wasn’t that fun?? I thought that was very fun, I will definitely be participating in more book release tours in the future 😉

Before you go, here are C. B’s social media links and also another link to pre-order her book! 😀

IDIA Group Pinterest Board:
Twinepathy on Amazon:
Link to Lightporter pre-order:

*cough* go pre-order it! It’s awesome! *cough* 😛

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Thanks for reading this long post! I loved reading these books and I hope you check them out!

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Are you going to check these books out? What did you think of this post? Did you enjoy the character interview? Have you read these books? Should I do more book release tours?

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