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HARP’s Round 6 – A List of my Favorite things about Summer Vacation! + MOOP’s entry + other things

Hello everyone, as I told you before I have now joined Starling’s contest – The Happy And Random Posts Contest! I am on Team Ladybug…

Thank you Starling for hosting this awesome contest! 😀

Team Ladybug




Liz (me 😛 ) 


(credit of the part above to Starling, I just copied and pasted this from her blog 😉 )

I am very excited to be joining! This week’s topic was list your favorite ____________. So today I am presenting you with a list of my favorite things about summer break with photos from my beach vacation I just got back from in between and after!

I’m obsessed with my camera. 😛

I just recently finished up school. May 18th was my last day! 😀 😀

I am soooo excited for summer, there will be a lot of reading so I can catch up on my goal *squeal*

Anyway, let’s START!! (first with some photos because I have SO MANY!!!)



This trip was more relaxed than the last one since it was only my Dad, Mom, sister, brother, me, but it was still fun!


I will also be putting in my entry to Lydia’s contest in this post. 😉


 There were some days that were nice while we were there, but others were very windy and cold and gray.


 I thought this photo was kinda interesting. There was a bunch of shells and jellyfish and sea weed washed up on the shore in some places…


 This was up by the dunes…


 There were some little flowers growing there.


I don’t love this photo, but it’s okay. 😛


 More flower photos!


 That little green bug photo bombed my picture!


I like this one. 🙂


Then just like last time my family took a very long walk up that very big hill! I thought this was a cool little hide out, under some bushes and things! Also there were so many flowers on the hill, very pretty! Anyway, now I’m going to shift over to the HARP’s topic of the post! (with photos!)


My favorite things about summer vacation:




One of my favorite things about summer is that I just have more time to do everything! I feel like the school year is a whole lot busier and in the summer time you aren’t scrambling as much!

So then, even though we still relax and rest, we also get things done. Mainly the things that we haven’t had any time for during the school year. *whips out to do list* 🙂



 Look!! It’s a lizard!!

You can also spend more time doing fun things with your family and friends!

I also have more time to catch up on all the posts I haven’t read on account of the business of school and Camp Nano… ahem





Also there’s no school happening. Because I mean… school’s usually fun at the beginning of the year, usually, but it gets old and your brain get’s tired XD


Such beautiful scenery!
 THEN THE CAMERA DIED!! I wasn’t able to take any more flower photos and had to charge it over lunch 🙁 🙁 🙁

Also sleep. I may not actually sleep in most of the time… to be honest I kinda like getting up early but at least you have the option to do it! XD


 I think this was a line of pelicans flying out over the sea…

 The dreary remains of an old dock…

This usually means you’re not so tired!! Yay for that!!


AND READING!!!! I’ll take all the reading time I can get, thank you very much! Let be honest though… we all want to read more! Probably XD Anyway, I certainly do!!


 Random picture I took in the car!
 Another random photo…

I tend to be outside more often in summer, and even though the temperature is higher, it’s good for me! And it’s also fun! 😀


I also swim more in summer, and that is always very fun! Plus, it’s good exercise 😉

In the summer I can also pursue some more fun things! Like more blogging, photography, I want to get better at hand lettering and art, try to learn Spanish, play piano, and other things! Maybe I could even take photos of young zebra’s (little challenge) if I wanted to. 😉




 The view from our condo…


There’s just something about summer… it’s awesome! 🙂

 Also, just so you know, some of these photos are different sizes because I had to crop them.
 We also went kayaking on this trip!

Also usually in summer my family goes on a few vacations! We went to the beach, and the other one we have planned is going up to a Church Camp in the mountains with my family!

 Just so you know, I will most likely be taking a hiatus the week we go up to the mountains because I will probably not take my laptop and there isn’t really any wifi up there. But that won’t be until July.



Onto more photos!


 There were so many animals, both at the beach and during kayaking! There was (sorry I edited this so you could see a little better but it was a dark corner) a nest of four baby swallows! You can see one of their beaks in the photo above!


 There were baby ducklings!!!!!!! *squeal*


 I think they were born in the time when we were gone from the beach, they were that tiny!


 A little seal!


 Tons of otters!


 And more otters, we also saw a baby otter! *more squealing* but I wasn’t able to get a photo of it.


 The were so many otters!


 And seals too. 🙂


 It was so cool to watch the pelicans dive down onto the slough where we were kayaking!


 Sorry, I guess there was a water spot on my lens 🙁 I still thought it was a cool photo.


 More birds!


 I think I’m done!


This is my entry to Lydia’s MOOP’s contest! The topic this week was beauty. 😀

hi there!welcome to my blog (2)

Also Rebecca is celebrating her 1 year blogoversary soon! 😀 Go check out her awesome blog! She how she’s celebrating in this post!

I also made another survey in which you can enter questions for my Q&A in! I decided that would be a better way (thank you Cassia for commenting questions)

You can take the survey…


Totaling up the points….

3 points for the post itself….

2 points for completing the little challenge….

(now the hard part XDD)

52 photos not counting the featured image photo, the Team Ladybug photo, my MOOP’s entry, and Rebecca’s photo for #ju1year with 2 points a photo, that equals…. 104 points!

Now add all that up. 3 + 2 + 104 = 109 points!  🙂Hopefully this post didn’t come out as too obnoxious XD

Thank you for reading this crazy, scattered post!! 🙂 Also sorry I had to post this on Saturday because yesterday, I made jam with my family! I started on it Thursday, but did not finish it… uploading all the photos and editing some of them took quite some time 😉

I seriously am going to try scheduling all my posts ahead of time. Because this is not good. I am such a procrastinator.

Are you doing HARP’s? What team are you on? Do you like the ocean? Are you in Lydia’s contest? Did you like my photos? Which was your favorite/least favorite? Are you on summer vacation? If not, when do you start? What are your favorite things about summer vacation? Did you check out Rebecca’s post? Are you going to take my survey?





Total: 109 points


  1. AHH NO YOU’RE MAKING ME MISS CALIFORNIA! I went last summer and fell in love with the coast… (have you ever been to Carmel?) Also, do your family call you lizard at all? My sister is named Elizabeth and we call her lizard 😊 Sorry for the random comment, but beautiful post!

    1. Haha XD I’m sorry! (I don’t know that I have…) Haha, no, thankfully! Hehe, I love random comments! Thank you! <3

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