RATC Week 3

Hey everyone! Here I am quickly popping in a day late to update you on how RATC is going! 😀

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This challenge is hosted by:






Team Squirrel: Points: 90!




Team Bird: Points: 70!


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Let me remind you of the rules…

Rules and things:

  • Each Thursday we will post on our blogs with this poster and talk to the people who signed up for the contest, and give you the rules, categories, and challenges for that week.
  • You will have until the next Thursday to submit your thing(s) that you did, if you do not make it you will not get any points for that week, but you are still in the contest. (let us know if you have to drop out)
  • There are certain points for certain challenges you do. You can do one, or all of them! And you don’t have to do every category, do what you enjoy most! 🙂
  • Contact us or link your posts in the comments please!
  • Let me (or the other hosts) know if you have any questions!

Remember: You don’t have to every challenge and you can do more than one, also you don’t have to choose from the same category, either!

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Week 3 Challenges:

Remember, there are 3 categories: Photography, Writing, and DIY. You don’t have to choose one category- you can do as many as you want.


Take a  photo of books (5)

Take a photo of an animal or pet you don’t own (your neighbors pet, a friends pet, an animal from the zoo…)  (10)

Take a photo of something you think is beautiful (15)


Write a journal entry (it doesn’t have to be about you) (5)

Write a story about yourself as a child (could be true or fictional) (10)

Write a story (between 500-1500 words) about a character running a business (bakery, lemonade stand, store…) and the trials they go through (15)


Sketch a drawing of yourself (5)

Draw a picture or series of pictures showing a dream you once had! (10)

Make a craft where you can only use  paper, Popsicle sticks, glue or tape, your choice of drawing utensil (pencil, crayons, markers…), photos from a magazine, and streamers. You don’t have to use them all: be creative!

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Thanks for reading!

wanna chat graphic (1)Are you doing RATC? How was your fourth of July?


Talk to ya soon!

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