Hummingbirds + Wisteria {Photo shoot at Grandma’s}

Hello everyone! I am sorry there was no post on Monday, I was super busy! :/ Also, sorry, this post is a little late…

Anyway today I am showing you a photo shoot I took quite a while ago. All the way back to Easter, in fact. But I am posting it now. I took these photos at my Grandma’s house, Easter afternoon! 🙂

Let’s get right into it!

Also I lied we’re not getting into the photos yet I took these photos with my parents camera, a Canon t2i!

 This one is slightly blurry 🙁

I am going to start with the other flowery ones and end with my favorites, the hummingbird ones!!!!! 😉


 These are pictures of a Wisteria vine my Grandparents own.


 We interrupt this program for some other random photos. Actually I love this photo. Do you?


 These are some kind of fruit blossoms…. I think.


 I think they’re really pretty though.


 Back to wisteria photos. Sadly, their not in bloom anymore.


 I don’t love the lighting on this one…


 I love this color!


It’s a bee! 🙂


 Ooh this is another flower. I was messing around with the settings on this one, and I love how it turned out! 🙂


 It’s a little ant! 😀


 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀 😀 😀 😀 Thank you, Hummingbird!!! (names? 😉 )


 *cues more screaming and excitement*


 Hungry Hummingbird!


 You can hardly see his wings in this one!


Last one!

Now I have my entry for Lydia’s  MOOP Contest!!

This weeks category was comfort!

 This is my entry! Some of you guys might remember this photo if you’ve been around my blog long enough.

It is my family’s kitty, Livvy and she is all stretched out, under blankets, on my bed! IT WAS ADORABLE!! So, obviously, I had to take a picture. 😉

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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How’s life? Did you like my photos? Which was your favorite? Which type of photo was your favorite? Did you like my entry to Lydia’s contest? Have you finished up school yet? Have you ever gotten photos of hummingbirds? (I’d love to see them or really any of your photography, feel free to contact me! 😉 ) Do you have hummingbirds around your house? Names for the hummingbird? Where’s your favorite place to take photography? 🙂 How do you describe comfort?

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