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Resolutions Review + More Sad News + Snippets!

SORRY GUYS!! Canva will NOT work. D: So I have no featured image.

Hello! Today I am reviewing my resolutions! YAY! 🙂 Then I have some more sad news and a snippet or two from my writing.

You will have to wait and see if I completed my Camp NaNo goal until Friday hehehe *evil laugh*

Also for people who don’t know this I rotate every month doing ‘favorite pictures of that month’ posts and ‘resolutions review’ posts!

Also my original new year’s resolutions post if you want to see it is here… The post I did two months ago on this is here!

Let’s review my new year’s resolutions together:

My blogging resolutions:

Do 9 blog posts a month…

I think I have been keeping up with that well!  This is my 61st post! *glances at blogging schedule* I did 11 posts in March *cheers* and…. 9 in April (including this one)


Make a blogging schedule and try to follow it…

I completed that already! I’ve been going strong (if I do say so myself XD) plotting out all my posts and I have most of my posts planned for May and a few for June! 😀



Read 100 books by 2019…

Hehehehehe well…. I PROMISE I’LL DO BETTER!!! Mainly in summer when I have more time for reading 😉 If you want to see what I’m currently reading my Goodreads account link is here (go friend me XD) or scroll up on my sidebar to the Goodreads widget! IT’S PATHETIC… I KNOW!! I’ve read Operation: Green Serpent, A Girl with a Bow, Little Men (Goodreads), Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Goodreads),  Pies & Prejudice (Goodreads), The Hobbit (Goodreads), The Winds of Autumn (Goodreads), Home for the Holidays (Goodreads), and Betsy Tacy (Goodreads),


Read my Bible and Devotions every day…

I think I have been doing really good on this and I enjoy it! 😀


Get to 1 Kings in Bible reading…

I have not got there yet. I read a chapter a day, currently I am in Judges!


My Piano Resolutions:

Complete level four of Certificate of Merit…

I did that!!!! I am now in level 5!!! 😀


My Personality Resolutions:

Be more thankful and generous…

Only God knows.


My Photography Resolutions:

I want to improve me skills in photography and do it more often…

I think I am, I’ve definitely been trying to do it more often 😛


Use my parents camera (a Canon t2i) more often…

I definitely have! I have taken I think 3 photo shoots lately… I have only posted one. The others will go up soon! Actually I take that back. I posted Beautiful Blossoms Part 1 and Part 2. Then I just recently posted a photo shoot with roses!


My Etsy Resolutions:

Redo my shop a little bit…

I changed my profile picture! *triumphant music* hehe


Take pictures of the Sleepy Bears and list them…

That is done! We only had two sleepy bears completely ready to go and the pictures, my mom actually took them, are done. One of them is listed the other will be probably sometime this week! 😀 Here’s the listing for the sleepy bear that we have listed!


Sell 5 by 2019…

I only listed the first one last week so no. I have not done that yet.


My Random Resolutions:

Stay more organized…

I cleaned out my drawers and shelf awhile back, I should do it again. 😉


Sew more, plus crafting in general…

I haven’t really done that. I definitely will this summer!


Finish the 2018 color you own calendar…

Guys with Camp NaNo I haven’t even finished coloring April :/

Sad news…

Yesterday morning Jane passed away. We don’t know why because she seemed to be doing a lot better. She might have gotten infected or something… 🙁

At least her and Jericho and now another chickie that we have not identified are together.

Thank you stray cats… not really.

We’re trying to cover all the holes in the pen so they can’t get out because they are now living out in the pen with our two other chickens.

Now we have 2 grownup chickens and 5 little chickies 🙁

A Snippet for you…

We both nodded our heads and mom proceeded to the table, picking her laptop off a chair as she passed.

She sat at the table, waiting for her laptop to boot up and stared out the window at a little green hummingbird that had just landed on the edge of a feeder and was greedily sucking up some food.

After a minute she turned her head back to her computer and started to type in her password.

For some reason, as she spread butter, and then jam on her toast, Di kept glancing over at Mom

I couldn’t figure out why.

“Girls!!” mom burst out, “come here! Go get Josh!”


And another one… 🙂

We stumped through the orchards, looking back now and then to gaze at the sinking sun sending it’s final farewells in glorious colors down in the eastern sky.

A few times we stopped to admire a flowery shrub or a blossoming tree or even a little clump of brightly colored flowers, full of life and floral beauty, and surrounded by a green blanket of leaves.

Once we got home Dan apologized to us about a billion times. Mom mainly laughed it off but told him next time, to call ahead. Dad and Mason both agreed that it was time for supper because they were starved.

Mom was able to put together some supper for us and after eating we collapsed into bed. I was just about to turn over, snuggled under a light, feathery quilt, and drift off into dreamland when Diana broke the silence.

“What’s your favorite Bible verse?”

Thank you for reading!

How are doing on your resolutions? What are they? Do you have any baby chicks at your house? Are you doing Camp NaNo? What’s your project about? Did you like my snippets?

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  1. My Canva won’t work for downloading either. I ended up taking a screenshot of my featured image and putting that in instead. 😂
    I’m sorry about Jane. 🙁
    And great snippets! 😀

    1. XDD Yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It’s being weird. It would come so close to finishing downloading and I would be like YES YES KEEP GOING!!! And then it never would and I would be like NOOOOO! XD
      It’s ok :'(
      Thank you Julia!! <3

  2. I love your resolutions! Great job on them so far! I’m so sorry to hear about Jane! ❤😢 I love your snippets! You had me in suspense! 😧😝

    1. Sometimes. Like right now I’m reading The Hiding Place! I’m really enjoying it, but it’s a little gory at parts…
      Usually I am more favored to fiction, but it depends on the book 😉
      I also really like the Little Britches series! (I think that is nonfiction, but I’m not 100% sure)

      1. I really like The Hiding Place!
        A book you would probably like is Bud and Me: The True Adventures of the Abernathy Boys, by Alta Abernathy and Temple Abernathy.
        It is very interesting, funny and sad! I love listening to it on audio book.

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