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HARP’s Round 7 – Quote #3 + My favorite photos of April/May

Guess what? This post is my 75th post! 🙂 Today I have another HARP’s post, where I share my favorite photos of April and May, the last quote for ‘3 Days: 3 Quotes’ Tag, and my entry to MOOP’s.

I am not counting the tag part in HARP’s. And I hope it’s okay, because I’m relating my HARP’s post to my MOOP’s part of the post.

Topic: Why you do what you do

dedicate this post to my chickens, ( 😛 ) because I got some good photos of them!

And (craziness!!) today is the last day of May. WHAT?? XDD


1 Thank the person who nominated you.
2 Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day, can be a super short post).
3 Nominate three new bloggers each day.

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Hehe, always look on the bright side! Don’t be sad, put a smile on your face! 😀


  1. Jo @ The Lens and the Hard Drive
  2. Angela @ The Peculiar Messenger
  3. Annie @ Annie Writes

I do photography. And I love it.

The feeling is great when you look at a photo and you smile because you are proud of this photo and you think it is one of the best photos you have ever taken. 😀

I’m always so excited when I’m trying to get this one picture and I succeed! You feel so accomplished that the photo, you took, that you wanted to get, works out! And looks awesome!

It fails too sometimes but that’s not the end of the world.

 (This is my entry to MOOP’s! 😀 )


While we were at the beach a week or two ago, I really wanted to get a picture of my sister, doing a ballet jump, in mid air, beside the ocean.

I think I tried three times to get that photo.

The first two times I failed.

I was disappointed a little bit, but not crushed.

The third time, I got it!!! I felt so proud. (Sorry, I can’t show it to you, but yeah… XD)

It was fun doing that too. Me and my sister got some pretty goofy looking shots of each other in the process XDD





I also love to see other photographer’s works, participate in contests, and share my photography with you guys! It’s makes it even more fun for me to capture memories and other beautiful things. 🙂

Please enjoy my favorite photos I’ve taken from April and May and maybe a few other random ones 😛



 This is from my first time on an airplane!


 That was really cool!


 Those photos were from the post below!

What is happening in my life? #1


 There will probably be tons of flower photos in this post XDD


 A petunia!


 One post I had a ton of fun making, last month, (April) was this one:

An Interview with my sister????

Please go check it out if you haven’t already, because it very funny! 🙂


 Those photos (and this one) were from this post….

A Photo Shoot with Roses + Sad News


 Funny story: I was just browsing through my posts, looking for the post I linked above, so I could find the link and then I saw a draft to the When Calls the Heart Q&A I did with Lizzy awhile back. (view that post below) I thought I had never published it, then I saw, a few posts above that, there was a published draft of it.

When Calls The Heart Q&A with Lizzy!


I guess I had just made a draft earlier but then forgot about it, and made another, anyway it almost gave me a heart attack XDD




 More ducks!


 You can see this photo and then ones above in the posts below…

Hello from the beach!


Beach Journal – Days 1 & 2 + Photos + 50 FOLLOWERS??? WHAT!?! + 2 surprises!


 Yay! Hummingbird photos!


 This was a goal of mine I also completed: Successfully take some good hummingbird photos. 🙂


 So pretty!




 “The ants go marching one by one. Hurrah, hurrah.”


 By the way, you guys, if you have not read Keeper of the Lost Cities, you should! They are so good! (I’m on the first book)


 But more on that later… I mean what… *cough cough*


 You definitely won’t find out what I’m talking about tomorrow… *more coughing*


 You can check out those photos and more in this post!


Hummingbirds + Wisteria {Photo shoot at Grandma’s}



 I like this photo as well.


 This Dahlia plant has grown a lot more since this photo was taken and is now in a different post… 😉


 These are cool little flowers!


 These photos were from this post… this bush has much more flowers on it now!


Flowers, Cobwebs, and other things {A photo shoot in my backyard} + Announcements


 More of the beach!


 One more category of photos after I get through my favorite beach photos! 😉


 We saw quite a few lizards on the walk we took in which I captured this picture




 While we were at the beach I messed around with several modes, and learned some more about my parents camera, so that was good!


 The beach on a cloudy, cold day.




 I was also messing around with manual focus, instead of auto.


 Comment below your best tips for taking photos and how to get better, if you have any good ones!


 Random fact: I’m wearing my favorite pair of shoes in this photo! (for winter and fall anyway, otherwise, it’s probably flip flops 😛 )


 The day I took this photo was. so. cold. XD


 AWE! Little ducklings!


 From the post below…


HARP’s Round 6 – A List of my Favorite things about Summer Vacation! + MOOP’s entry + other things



Little chicken!


 One more photo!


 This is one of my favorites!! XD See more down below.


A Chicken Breakout {Please Welcome Carolyn Feathers the Third)

Counting up the points…

3 points for the post itself!

44 photos, not counting the quote with two points a photo is 88 points!

2 points for dedicating this post to someone!

2 points for using a line of a song!

That equals 95 points!

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Give me questions for my Q&A here!

What are you currently reading? What was the biggest moment for you of May? Did you like my photos? What was your favorite/least favorite? Are you participating in HARP’s or MOOP’s? How’s your day going? What are some of your tips for photography?





P.S. Go check out Rebekah’s super exciting post, here!!!

Total: 95 points


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