Random Photography

Good morning everyone! For today’s post, I am showing you some pictures (most of which) have not been posted on here yet! 🙂 Let’s get right into it! ALSO SCHOOL IS SO CLOSE TO STARTING! WHAT?!?! ALSO. For the record, this post was scheduled. But for some reason, it disappeared…? Not sure why that happened…. so…

Day 8 – A Train Station

Good afternoon, everyone! 🙂 Today is Day 8 of Cassia’s photography challenge, and the prompt is a train station! This is actually a very old (and blurry) picture from when we went to San Francisco, but I think that this is the only picture of a train station (kinda…) I have 😛 Have an awesome day!

Photo Challenge Day 1 + Syd’s Giveaway!

Hi everyone, quick post here for Cassia’s photo challenge! Yay! Today is day 1 and there are 10 days! 😀 I’m excited! Before you keep reading, Syd is hosting an awesome giveaway, be sure to check it out… HERE!! Okay, continue. 😉 This is a picture of some of my Dad’s coffee beans and I really…