RATC Week 2!

Hi everyone, super quick post coming now announcing the points of RATC Round 1 and the new challenges for RATC Round 2! 😀 Let’s gooo! This challenge is hosted by: Ariana Liz Christina   Team Squirrel: Points: 40! Kate Eleanor Lilah   Team Bird: Points: 60! Shekina Maelyn Kaelyn *Richelle never put the link to her …

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My life


Whoops! Hello again XD I forgot to include a blog for this round of What is happening in my life so I will do so now 😛 (I’ve been trying to do newer blogs 😉 ) The blog is…. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

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RATC Uncategorized

RATC Round 1

Hello guys, we have RATC worked out now! So sorry about the delay also sorry that there have been 3 posts in the last 24 hours — whoops! Let’s go! Also you can still sign up HERE!! TEAMS!   Team Squirrel: Kate Eleanor Lilah   Team Bird: Shekina Maelyn Kaelyn Richelle   Now, this weeks …

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At Her Fingertips Review

Hello! This was supposed to go up next week but to lessen my load I’m doing it today 😛 Also this post was requested by Starling so if you ever have any requests for posts, tell me about them and most likely I will do them 🙂 I know I just did a book review …

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CPC Challenge 1

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you my entry to CPC Challenge 1. (hosted by Carol) I will post the rules for week 1 of RATC tomorrow bad contest host!  Sorry! I was gone all this morning! And then watched Pride & Prejudice in the afternoon. But if want to find out sooner, you can …

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My Q&A

Hello! Awhile back I decided that in honor of 50 followers I would do a Q&A! So here I am! I am super excited for this and hope to do another one in the future so let’s get right into it 😀 (questions are in bold) Questions from Cassia… 1. What is your favorite movie? Um. I …

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