A Photo Shoot with Roses + Sad News

Hello! A little while back our rose plants at our house started blooming! They are gorgeous!! 😀 Anyway of course I had to take some pictures! (with my parents camera!!) And I will show them to you!

Then yesterday I went to my Grandma’s house for tea and she has beautiful roses as well and something else! Sadly I wasn’t able to get very many photos because allergies. :/ And they were taken with my Mom’s phone. (only 4 pictures were)

Then after that I have some news. 🙁

 Isn’t this absolutely gorgeous?!?!?! *dies*


 *sigh* I love flowers. 😀


 I think I like this one… it’s interesting!


 Hello there little bug…. how lovely.


 Then I climbed up onto a ladder than was beside a tree!


 It’s a baby leaf!!!!!!!


 Poor rose, it looks a little sad…


 B E A U T I F U L!


 So so so pretty!


 Look at that!


 I just thought these flowers were so stunning and I wanted to share them with you guys!


 Look!! Our poppy flowers are coming up!!

You can go back to this post and see that me and my sister and the rest of my family planted these flowers and a whole bunch of others! 🙂


 The Petunias are doing great!


 Baby Petunia! They had just been watered so that is why they are wet XD


 Another flower picture! This is a Superbell! I think…


 A pink rose bud!

 These pictures aren’t very good but that brown thing in the tree is a hanging hummingbirds nest!!! It was so cool to look at!


 A close-up.


 I love roses!!


 😀 😀 😀


Now for the sad news.

Yesterday… my Mom left the house around 1:15 and our chicks were in a cage outside in our back yard. The cage didn’t have a top, we put a towel over it but they were getting big enough that they were able to knock it off and fly out.

So we went to my Grandma’s and hung out and had tea and then my sister and I had piano lessons. We got home about 6 and all but 2 chickies were out of the cage.

We had the two that were in the cage and we found five others.

That totaled seven and we had eight.

One, Jane, was very badly hurt. She is still alive and as of now and looking as if she’ll make it but her wing is messed up and has an open wound. There was a little blood coming from her head as well. We think she scraped it on the chicken wire on the cage.

Jericho had gone missing and we finally found what was left of his little body in our neighbors yard. All I’m gonna say is that it was brutal. Something had got Jericho.

We now have 7 chickies and one is hurt.

Please pray for Jane that she will be ok. I will update you guys soon. Thank you! <3

Thank you for reading! 😀

Did you like this post? Do you have any flowers at your house? What was your favorite and least favorite photo? Have you seen any bird nests recently? Do you have little chickies like me? Aren’t the roses beautiful? 😀

P.S. This is my 60th post!


  1. aww your flower pictures are soooo pretty! you capture them almost better than I’ve ever seen anybody else!!
    yes – I will definitely by praying for little Jane and the rest of the chicks! <3 <3

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