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How to have a Happy Garden!

Hello! A few weeks ago me and my family planted some flowers in pots for our front yard and porch area.  After that me and my sister, Claire, tackled the crazy mess of a flowerbed in our back yard! I will be showing you how we did that and some tips on how to have a happy garden!! 😀

Also sorry some of these pictures are a little blurry… 🙁

 Tip #1: Get some pots, you can have a garden in the ground as well as in pots. They will beautifully decorate your porch. A few of these pots are new but most of them we just re-used from last year.


 Tip #2: Get potting soil, this is the kind I had, we had to get another bag for the back yard, but I didn’t take any pictures of it.


 Tip #2 Part 2: Also get flowers. bear with me people Because what is a garden without flowers? I’ll give a hint, it’s not a garden XD We got several types of flowers. The one in the picture above is a Tulip


We also had some little flowers and other plants for inside our house. These we transplanted to pots later and we kept them inside on our window seat ( we were working on a puzzle XD ) The green one is a Succulent and the one with the crazy red hair-do is a Grafted Cactus.


This plant which is one of my personal favorites 😀 is called a Superbells, the Blue Moon Punch variety. We got two of them.


This is also a Superbell but the Cardinal Star variety which has a few dead ones on it 🙁


 This little beauty is a Cyclamen


 Here are some Marigolds!


 Tip #3: Plant them all in pots and give them water. Here is how we ended up arranging them. Also the big green leafy plant in the hanging basket is a Vinca Vine. (I didn’t have a good picture of it)


 We also planted the Succulent and Grafted Cactus in little pots!


 Tip #4: Weed your flowerbed regularly. Also this part of our flowerbed is under a big Evergreen tree and there is no flowers under it but there are a lot of weeds and clover XD

These are the little pots we planted, they live on out window seat.


We had a few different types of seeds. Just fill the pots will soil and plant the seeds in the pots. Pick out the rocks form the soil. (I had not done that in the picture above) and water them daily.

 Here is the before picture of our back flowerbed before me and my sister transformed it……


                   This is the after picture! It took a few hours to do! 😀 Tip #5: Look on the label and see if it says full sun, partial shade etc. and plant it where it will grow best in those conditions.


 Then we planted flowers. This is a Primrose, we have two of these.


 I also really like this flower! It is a Viola. 🙂


 These cheerful flowers are called Calendula’s. We bought a six pack of them 🙂


 These are Petunia’s! 😉 We also got a six-pack of these.


 I forget the name of this flower 🙁 I wrote it down somewhere but I lost the paper….


 Here they are!! 😀 The Calendula’s, Viola, and Primrose’s weren’t planted yet when I took this picture.


 Also we planted some seeds and bulbs in different sections of the garden and we made little signs for them, my sister did the wording and I did the little flower. As you can tell by the sign these are a Dutch Iris flower


 Here’s the other sign! *looks at the picture* *closes eyes* *turns off computer* *goes and eats chocolate* *yells to the world about how it’s so blurry* Ok….maybe that is a tad over dramatic XD


 At the end of our garden we made a line of painted rocks!


 I have one last picture and one last tip to give you. I actually really like this picture…. Tip #6: Water the flowers daily or however much they require and keep them healthy. If they are in pots, on sunny days, move them off your porch and into the sun! They will be very happy! 😀

I hope you make a flowerbed or plant some flowers of your own because it proved to be very fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

Do you have a flower garden? Are you a gardener? Are these tips helpful? Have you ever done any big garden remodeling projects? What is your favorite type of flower? Which of my flowers did you think the prettiest?









  1. Wow! Great post!! I worked at a florist last year and loved working with the cyclamen, marigolds, and Petunia’s! 😁 Your garden looks great, thanks for the tips and thanks for sharing!! 😁

  2. It’s so cute! I have a couple of succulents in my bedroom and I’m honestly surprised I’ve been able to keep them alive for this long ’cause it really is that extent of my gardening abilities XD
    ~Julia <3

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