I entered BIBPC!

Hi Guys Liz here,

I entered BIBPC (Boring into Beautiful Picture Contest) hosted by Megan from A Barefoot Gal, I am on team Watermelon! The first picture in my gallery is the picture that I am entering in BIBPC Category #4: Celebration. My sister’s cat Olivia (the cat in the pictures) at first just wanted to play with the confetti, but then, thankfully she settled down a bit so I could actually get a few good pictures.

Go Team Watermelon!!!

My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone, My name is Liz and this is my first blog post! These are some blogs that I have drawn inspiration from.

  1. Millennium Macy
    This blog is written very nicely. Macy did 7 quotes a week for a couple of the weeks of summer and she has some really good quotes in there. The blog looks fantastic.
  2. Biba’s Photos
    Biba’s Blog is pretty cool. All the pictures that she takes are really good. Biba is a  great photographist. She takes pictures at all different angles, some in black and white and some in color.
  3. My Life
    This blog looks really cool. The background is really pretty. It’s a nice blog with a bunch of photos about what she does in her life.
  4. The Jungle Chef
    The Jungle Chef is a cooking blog. It is probably one of the coolest looking blogs I have seen. Overall it just looks great and has terrific content.
  5. Teen Baker
    This blog is a cooking blog. She has some really great recipes on her blog, with clear photos and step by step instructions. I will definitely have to try out some of her recipes.