Random Awesomeness

I can’t sleep!

a car horn blares in the distance

a truck rumbles by

wind dances in the tree tops

voices drift over from across the street

strains of music

noises in the night won’t let me sleep

a fire engine zooms by, lights flashing, sirens screaming

then comes the chorus of dogs



I can’t sleep.

feet pound on the street

a basketball dribbling




I think I lot of people write poems similar to this, but I couldn’t sleep last night and I never write poetry, so…Β  these are just the noises I heard last night! πŸ˜‰


  1. I was actually still up when u posted this the other night, wish I’d read it then it’s such a cool idea to listen to everything that’s keeping you awake and make it dreamy ❀ I’ve been having up the trouble falling asleep and I think I’ll try this. Keep up the writing!

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