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Diary of a Daydreamer BLOG TOUR

**this is a scheduled post** 🙂


Morning everyone! Today I’m going to share about a new blog… Diary of a Daydreamer! Cute name, right?

diary of a daydreamer (1)


So, who’s running this new blog, you may ask?*


*puts on teacher glasses



This is Emmie! 🙂

About Emmie:

You can usually find me creating something – writing, drawing, blogging, designing, filming, singing, songwriting, or dancing. She loves helping people find their inner creative and spreading positivity and kindness. She believes that everyone has a story to tell – you have a voice that needs to be heard! With her new blog Diary of a Daydreamer, she hopes to encourage and inspire creativity.

(Emmie also runs blogs here and here. Go follow them! ;))


Now, what’s this new blog all about? And where can I find it?

At Diary of a Daydreamer, Emmie shares her ideas, stories, tips, tutorials, lifestyle, songs, creations, and daydreams. On this blog, every Saturday you’ll find posts about blogging, dance, fashion, music, lifestyle, writing, and art!


You can find it by using the URL in the graphic below or just click HERE! 😉

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You can see the schedule below! Be sure to check out the rest of the posts. 🙂

7th: Kickoff Post @ American Girl World

First Post @ Diary Of A Daydreamer

8th: Liz @ Home With The Hummingbirds

9th: Bekah Banister @ Questionable Tortoise Couture

10th: Natalie @ Taking the Cake

Emmie @ Standing Firm in My Faith

11th: Morgan McCartie @ Swingsets & Snapshots

12th: Enni @ On The Wings of a Dream

13th: Jo @ Pananaw

Wrapup Posts @ American Girl World & Diary Of A Daydreamer


Oh, and don’t forget the giveaway! Enter in the link below for a chance to win a free blog design makeover and a guest post on any of Emmie’s three blogs.




I hope you guys check out Emmie’s blog and enjoy it! 😀 I can’t wait to see what she posts!


Did you follow Emmie? Are you excited about her new blog?


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