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A Reluctant Belle Book Review!

Morning, readers! 😀 Long time, no see! Today, I have a book review of a book I read recently. It’s called A Reluctant Belle by Beth White. I hope you enjoy my review!

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Reluctant Belle (Daughtry House #2)

A Reluctant Belle by Beth White

From the gorgeous cover to the well-crafted plot, A Reluctant Belle was quite a read. It’s one of those books you just don’t want to put down! 😀

If you read this book for anything, read it for the history and intriguing characters. This book takes place in the Reconstruction period and, before reading this book, I actually didn’t know much about it. I learned a lot from this book. 🙂

Joelle Daugherty– as the second book in this series, A Reluctant Belle definitely focused more on Joelle. And I’m not complaining since she’s my favorite character. 😉 Joelle is a fabulous word loving bookworm.

Schulyer Beaumont– in the first book of this series, A Rebel Heart, I really did not like his character. He was very stuck-up and aloof and overall, just not a person I really enjoyed reading about. He improved in this book SO much and that made me very happy.

Levi– this guy is also one of my favorites… he can be very mysterious and has a pretty cool job. 😉

Selah– there wasn’t very much detail about Selah in this book. 🙁 She’s a great character anyway!

Horatia is also pretty cool. 😉 And there was a part about the opera singer and pseudonyms… that really made me laugh! XD

I loved reading about the progress made on the hotel and I’d definitely like to read more about it!

Joelle’s mission, I guess could call it, was super interesting to read about and I hope she keeps it going.

I felt like it could have been more resolved at the end with the villains, but no spoilers! (oh, and that twist near the end!!! Did anyone see that coming, because I sure didn’t! XD)

And now I’m really excited for the third book… Mrs. White better hurry up and write it!! 😉 I’ll be interested to see how the hotel starts up and if they’ll make enough money doing it. Also, I hope it’ll be more focused on Aurora… maybe ThomasAnne too. I don’t think I know them quite well enough. I’m kind of interested to know more about “Doc” and Wyatt too. And I want to see what ends up happening to Lemuel and his wife. There are many questions I’d like to see answered. XD

**This book was provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group through Interviews & Reviews.**

4 stars and recommended for 14+. 🙂

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And there you have it! My thoughts on A Reluctant Belle. 🙂

Have you read it? Will you be reading it? What do you think of the cover?

Have a wonderful rest of your day! 🙂

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