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June Recap because it’s JULY. :O (+tiny hiatus)

The title lies because while I am writing this, it is still June. Oh well. We are now officially halfway through 2019. Where is this year going.

Anyway, it’s time for another monthly recap! πŸ˜€ Let’s get started.

Oh wait, I just remembered, I will be going on a tiny hiatus. *gasp* Next week, I have a post scheduled for something I had previously committed myself to, but the week after that, there will be no post. Then hopefully, the next Monday I’ll have a book review or something, but I might skip that too? We’ll see. All of this is because I’m going camping this week and then over to the East Coast with my Grandma for about ten days!! Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know what was happening! πŸ˜‰

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Goals from June…

goals I completed will be in green.


  • Read 30 books because of a reading challenge I’m doing with a friend. (!!) We’re trying to read one book a day! And yes… this is probably very optimistic, but hey, it’s SUMMER!

Yeah no. XD

  1. The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden by Karina Yan Glaser. (Goodreads) 4 stars.Β 
  2. Out of a Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis. (Goodreads) 3 stars.
  3. Nightfall by Shannon Messenger. (Goodreads) 4.5 stars.
  4. Red Rover, Red Rover by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick. (Goodreads) 5 stars.
  5. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen. (Goodreads) 5 stars.
  6. Heist Society by Ally Carter. (Goodreads) 4 stars.
  7. A Rebel Heart by Beth White. (Goodreads) 3.5 stars.
  8. Protecting the Poor by Amanda Tero. (Beta read) (Goodreads) 4.5 stars.
  9. True to You by Becky Wade. (Goodreads) 3.5 stars.
  10. Amos Fortune by Elizabeth Yates. (Goodreads) 5 stars.
  11. A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White. (Goodreads) 5 stars. *has discovered that this author is AMAZING WOW*
  12. The Princess Bride by William Goldman. (Goodreads) 4 stars.
  13. Absolutely Truly by Heather Vogel Frederick. (Goodreads) 4 stars.Β 
  14. A Reluctant Belle by Beth White. (ARC) (Goodreads) 4 stars.
  15. Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle (Goodreads) 4 stars.
  16. The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson. (Goodreads) 4 stars.

We’re actually carrying on our challenge into this month because June was way crazy busier than I expected. XD

  • Finish Proverbs and Ecclesiastes

Proverbs is done, but I haven’t quite finished with Ecclesiastes. πŸ™‚

  • Finish ten books from my summer reading list

uhhhh… lemme check…

  1. Amos Fortune by Elizabeth Yates
  2. Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle
  3. The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden by Karina Yan Glaser
  4. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
  5. Nightfall by Shannon Messenger


  • Get caught up with journaling

I actually worked a decent amount on it, but I have not quite caught up…

  • Prepare for Camp NaNo (HOW IS IT ALMOST HERE?!?!)


Anyway, I’m going to be doing a smaller goal of 10k (since I’ll be traveling a lot) of a NEW novel, so… hehe… πŸ˜‰


I’m very much enjoying Bible Bee… totally recommend it!!! πŸ˜€ I think I’m almost done with Unit 5, so I’m getting there! πŸ™‚

  • Finish Bible Lightunits

no. That’s what long plane rides are for, right?

  • Work on Ebay/Etsy stuff


  • Finish Algebra book

Uh, no, but I’ve made good progress! πŸ˜€

  • Have fun with family visiting

that was an easy goal. XD

  • Pack for camp!!

I think I’m doing that tomorrow… oh well.

  • Write some more

Yep!!! I’m actually really excited about this novel!! πŸ˜€

  • Enjoy summer

Indeed. I have been enjoying summer very much. *nods seriously*

  • Spring cleaning if my mom remembers *hides*

Yep… we’ve gotten both bathrooms, both living rooms, the entry hall, another hallway, and one of the bedrooms cleaned.

  • If there’s anything to do in advance, prepare for summer DC and Virginia trip (!!!)

does talking about it count? XD

  • Get completely caught up on post reading

mostly, yes. *shrugs*

  • Finish three *gulps* beta novels

I finished one? *nervous laughter*

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July goals…

  • Read 15 books
  • Finish Ecclesiastics, The Song of Solomon, and make decent progress in Isaiah
  • Camping!!
  • East coast trip!!
  • Complete Camp NaNo goal of 10k
  • Read at least 10 books (hopefully more) from summer tbr
  • have productive plane rides
  • finish Bible Lightunits
  • finish Discovery Journal
  • Finish two beta reads
  • Get caught up with journaling
  • Prepare for new school year
  • Finish Algebra 1 book
  • spring cleaning

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Posts from June….


May in Review β€” Monthly Recap

Do I Have That Book Challenge

About Faith Potts β€” Dandelion Dust’s Second Birthday Bash!

House Update

I also finally made a page for the Audiosmiths, YAY! πŸ˜€

The Audiosmiths Radio Theater

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June Happenings…


  • went to a few cousin’s birthday parties
  • held adorable babies. <3 (and babysat one!!)
  • lots of family came visiting!
  • went to my sister’s dance recital
  • Bible Bee!
  • read a lot!!
  • had some fun with piano! πŸ˜€


  • discovered some great books
  • made jam twice
  • had some interesting skirt making adventures
  • wrote more than I usually do in a normal month
  • organized a bookshelf
  • Father’s Day!!
  • went to Pinecrest for a day
  • started watching the Civil War movie


  • started going to youth group!
  • helped out with a project a lady from our church was doing with refugees
  • went to a party and talked with some friends
  • went to a singing
  • was briefly sick
  • did a productivity war!
  • talked about KOTLC with a new friend!
  • got about 20 new books!!
  • random fun things.

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Thanks for reading! πŸ˜€


how was your month? do anything fun? any book recommendations?


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