Beautiful Blossoms!! (Part 1)

Hello! Yesterday I went over to my Grandma’s house and me and my sister got some amazing pictures of the blossoms there. (Also I used my parents camera a Canon t2i so I worked on one of my resolutions! Yay!!) There is peach and plum blossoms! Also I have random pictures of flowers and also Jimmy and Chester. They will be introduced soon. XD Anyways I am super excited about how they turned out!! 😀 UPDATE: I have now decided I will divide this post into two different parts and post the other later!

 First I’d like to introduce you to a thing I like to call California snow XD (these are fallen peach blossoms) We don’t really get snow in California (apart from the mountains) But in spring this is what the ground looks like, sometimes its a lot thicker than that.


 The lighting in some of these pictures is a little weird, but I did my best! 😀


 I love spring!


 Actually I don’t love spring all of the time.


 Why hello little bee!


 Most of the time though, I have walnut allergies and thankfully they don’t bloom until later so I can still be outside and enjoy this beauty! 🙂


 So pretty!!!!


 DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! This is Jimmy and Chester and I forget which is which oops hehe *sheepish grin*


 Hi Jimmy or Chester!


 Walnut orchards!


 I love this picture! This is my Grandma’s birdhouse!


 Ohhh Cooper… you crazy, crazy dog XD


 A purple flower! 😀




 Spring is so pretty!


 I LOVE taking pictures of flowers! 🙂


 I think this Jimmy…maybe its a 50% chance I’m right. 😉


 *contented sigh*


 Were almost done…with this part anyways 🙂


Ok last one!

Thank you for reading this extremely long post!

Favorite and least favorite pictures? Do you have a birdhouse? A silly dog? Cows? Do you like my new divider/sign-off? Have a fantastic day!!! 😀


I love comments!! The only thing I ask is that you keep them clean. Thank you! :D