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October is here!

Once again, I say… WHAT?! October is here already?! Wow.

Good morning everyone! Today, we’re wrapping up September!

new dividerGoals from September…

(the ones I completed are in green)

  • Finish reading 1 Chronicles and John

I finished John, but not 1 Chronicles… I have like 2 chapters left! πŸ™‚

  • Read 12 books

Unfortunately, I only read nine books… πŸ™

  1. The Lost Princess (Goodreads)
  2. Kiera (Goodreads) (and I read Red Boots as well!)
  3. One Thousand and One Arabian Nights (Goodreads)
  4. Tuesdays at the Castle (Goodreads)
  5. Beyond Her Calling (Goodreads) (I also read Goldfish Secrets!)
  6. The Two Towers (Goodreads)
  7. Understood Betsy (Goodreads)
  8. Mother-Daughter Book Camp (Goodreads)
  9. Ella EnchantedΒ (Goodreads)
  • Catch up on all my alpha/beta reading

And now I’m working on two more projects! XDD

Actually… technically three…. but one is a short story! πŸ˜‰

  • Make lots of progress on reading posts! (I’m still behind XD)

I am still behind, but I made a lot more progress compared to some other months…. πŸ˜‰

  • Sew several sleepy bears

Yup! We made a lot of progress on sleepy bears this month! I think we have six (almost eight) done!

  • Finish reading/light editing (for typos)Β Newborn Faith, my novel

I’m about 60% done with that…. πŸ™‚

It really is gonna need a re-write. πŸ˜›

  • Read two books from my summer TBR

Uhhhh… oh hey! I did! πŸ˜€

  1. One Thousand and One Arabian Nights
  2. Mother-Daughter Book Camp
  • Sew some skirts

I actually didn’t sew any skirts, but my Mom and Grandma did!! (thank you!) I have three new ones, plus one more cut out! πŸ™‚

Goals for October…

  • Read 12 books
  • Finish 1 Chronicles and Acts
  • Prepare for/do the craft fair!
  • Read five books from my summer TBR/school reading list
  • Finish reading/light editing (for typos)Β Newborn Faith, my novel
  • Make lots of progress on reading posts!
  • Work out eight times

That’s all I can think of. XD

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Posts from September…

August is over?

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6 posts… not bad, I guess! That’s a lot less than the 16 from August though! XD

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What I did in August…

  • Spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s house!
  • Went up to camp to do some fire repair and closing it down for winter!
  • Cousins stayed two night with us! Fun times! ;P
  • Went to the fair (pictures below)
  • Realized that Algebra 1 isn’t actually that hard!
  • Worked a lot on starting to build a new house! (which my family is doing, if you didn’t know!)
  • Took a math test
  • Went to a few parties…
  • Dropped a slice of cake into a cup of lemonade by accident… (at one of those said parties XD)
  • Had soup twice!! For the first time in forever!
  • Had a good amount of family time!
  • Some more of our flowers started blooming, hehe!
  • Hit 125 posts!
  • Read a bunch…
  • Practiced piano a lot…
  • Did a lot more school…
  • Drank some root beer!! And had some homemade pretzels, yum!
  • Celebrated some people’s birthdays!
  • My Dad’s been working on making a good salsa, so I’ve been very happy because I get to eat it!
  • Played Hide and Seek!
  • Did a good amount of writing, mainly for school…
  • Worked on editing my book
  • Found out that my book really needs a re-write
  • Chatted over Google Hangouts a bunch…
  • Started to see signs of fall!
  • I can’t really thing of anything else!


Don’t know what that weird thing in the corner is…


I took some photos with my Dad’s phone while we were at the fair!

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Thanks for reading!

wanna chat graphic (1)

How was your month? What books did you read? Have you ever been on a ferris wheel?Β 

bookish sign off

Photo byΒ Stephen EllisΒ onΒ Unsplash


  1. Looks like a great month! How did you like Kiera? I just read it and I LOVED IT AHH. And great goals for October – would you believe I’m still finishing 2017’s books? O.o

    1. It was great! πŸ™‚ I liked it, it was realllllly good!! πŸ˜€ (such a powerful message!)
      Thanks! Haha, that’s okay. πŸ˜›
      How was your month?

      1. I know right? And the romance was so incredibly sweet and amazing – I was totally shipping her and Brennan the entire time. My month was good! Busy, trying to get a grip on work and life, but good! Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

      2. Yes! Me too! And then when they kinda were not so friendly, it like AHH! XD I loved Jade too though… she’s adorable!!
        Good! Yeah, I feel like this time of year is always busy! πŸ˜› Of course!

      3. Also, one of my friends on Goodreads just followed you and I sent you a friend request because I had NO IDEA YOU HAD A GOODREADS!! πŸ˜›
        So yeah. πŸ˜‰

      4. Ha ha, yeah, I got it a long time ago but kind of forgot about it. I just kind of…reactivated it recently.

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