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Guest Post – 4 Tips To Starting Your Day Right! Blog Launch Tour Lit Aflame!

Good afternoon everyone! 🙂

Today I am taking part in a launch tour hosted by Julia for her new blog, Lit Aflame!

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We all know how it is.  School time rolls around and with it comes early mornings.  Awful, miserable, mornings.


Of course you could say that I’m a morning person, but you could also say that I’m a night person too.  So I guess I’m both. But just let me say, being a “night” person, makes being a morning person even harder than before.

Because for some reason I need this thing called sleep, what’s up with that?

Anyway, today we’re going to be talking about 4 steps to having a great morning start!


Why Does a Good Morning start even matter?

I have discovered something, something amazing, something life changing, something WORLD stirring!  It is the greatest discovery of all time. I have discovered that a good morning start or a bad morning start can aid in deciding what sort of day you will have.  And we all (at least the sensible ones of us) want a productive day that is smooth and in the end of which we feel that we actually accomplished something. Or maybe not, maybe you’d rather a day that drags on in a haze at the end of which you feel as if you have accomplished NOTHING and so feel like a complete and utter failure.






Yeah, that’s what I thought.



Get Up As Soon as your Alarm goes Off.

Ah yes, that wonderfully dooming “snooze” button.


I mean, uh, just don’t push it.

Because you really don’t get that much more sleep and only drags the inevitable out until by the time you at last get up you feel terrible and your schedule is thrown off time.  So as soon as that dreaded alarm begins to ring it’s death shrill, don’t give yourself time to think about how tired you are. THROW YOURSELF OUT OF BED.

Seriously, don’t get up slowly, JUMP up, getting up quickly helps in waking you up more and getting you going for the day.  Plus, you are up on time and everything can go smoothly, no more behind schedule!


Read the Bible/Pray

A good rule indeed it is!  What better way to get yourself prepared to face the day than to spend some time in prayer and the Bible?  This is a MUST. Seriously, set your alarm early enough for you to have time to do this. Spend. Time. with. God in the morning!  Commit to doing this and follow through with it!


Take a Walk

For those of you who are stuck in the city. . . well. . . that is unfortunate.  But for the rest of us who live in the country, one thing you should definitely add to your morning schedule is a walk!

Because, I mean, fresh air, some exercise. . . all great stuff.

Just getting out of the house and into the clear air of the outside can clear away that fog that will sometimes linger about you after waking, plus it gives you some quiet time to think before launching into the flurry of the activities of that day.


Eat Some Breakfast!

Don’t skip it, after that nice walk eat something before starting your school or whatever else you have to do.

Me personally?  I like to eat an apple.  And yes, that can be considered breakfast, you don’t need a whole feast.  Just something small and refreshing, (which will preferably hold you over till lunch).


And there you have it!  Set yourself up to have a great day by having a great morning!


Meet the Writer:

Julia is a 15 year old born again Christian who believes if the Bible says it it’s true, and a Bookworm who knows that words have the power to change the world.   She juggles her small business, writing, and college while living on a farm in Texas with her parents, seven siblings and a ton of animals
Her goal in all that she does is to bring glory to God and to live a life lit aflame for Christ.  She hopes to encourage others to do the same.
Blog: Lit Aflame

Instagram: @litaflame


Celebrate the Launch of my Blog with me!


I am on a quest.  Or that is, I was.

That’s right, I was on a quest, though it wasn’t the dragon slaying sort (I prefer to ride them). But it was a very important quest nonetheless!

My poor young self of a few months ago started a free blog, to make sure I wanted to actually do this blogging thing. Turns out, I LOVE blogging, so then the time came to pull out the matches, scoop the Ice-cream, and get serious about blogging!


Why am I bothering you about this? Don’t you have much better things to do than have your precious time wasted by me? Uh, well, yeah, literally anything would probably be more worth your time than reading this — but let’s be honest here, you would much rather waste your time listening to me talk than do anything productive, right? (no? Just me?)  ANYWAY the thing is I AM BUILDING AN EMPIRE!

*cough* I mean, I’m launching my “official” blog.


 And I have just come back from my quest of gathering a group of wonderful bloggers to help make the launch special (one of which you are reading this at now).

Again, why am I bothering you?

Because celebration! I mean come on!  You can’t launch anything without having a party, right?  So here at Lit Aflame we are having a week long celebration and if I do say so myself, it’s purty awesome.  Because, guys, there’s a giveaway! I LOVE giveaways! Nearly as much as I love Ice cream. The only sad thing is… I can’t enter my own giveaway, the good thing?  YOU can!


Click below for the giveaway – this is the LAST DAY to enter:



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Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Julia’s blog and her giveaway!
Thank you to Julia for letting me participate in the tour and writing this post! 😉
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How is your day going? Thoughts on this post? Do you follow Julia’s blog? What do your mornings look like?
See ya later!
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  1. Wow, absolutely LOVED this post, Liz! I can totally relate, your morning start determines everything! And it can be so easy to try to fit in more sleep after my alarm goes off….5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes…… and the longer I wait, the HARDER it is to get out of bed! And it can be so easy to make up excuses for sleeping in past your alarm like “oh, I will just work harder or faster,” “stay up later,” or “not take any morning break today.” But your whole day can be thrown off by getting up later! Getting out of bed straight away is the key! Also, devotions and prayer is a great way to start your day! 🙂 The best thing to do in the morning is to go on a bikeride! I feel so tired when I first get out of bed, and getting on your bike while the sun rises and the birds sing, and the crisp air rushes past you as you speed down the hill will wake you up in no time! I live in the country as well, and it is such a peaceful time, and a great chance to take some amazing photography! Taking a walk also sounds like a good idea, especially in the Fall season! Oh, and yes, breakfast as soon as I get back! 😉 Great post Liz!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Those are great tips!
      Ooh that bike ride sounds really nice XD
      Mhm! Julia did an awesome job writing it!
      Thanks for commenting! 😀

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