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Introducing… RATC!!!

Hello everyone!! 😀 Today is an extra post. I have a very exciting announcement to make!!

So let’s just get right into it! 🙂

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So… what is RATC about?? (RATC graphic credit to Ariana)

RATC stands for Random Awesome Topics Challenge (as you can see by the poster XD)

A while back, Ariana asked me, Christina, and Rhiana to host a contest with her! And we’ve been working at it for a bit now and we’re really excited to introduce it to you! 😀

Rules and info!

  • Each Thursday we will post on our blogs with this poster and talk to the people who signed up for the contest, and give you the rules, categories, and challenges for that week.
  • You will have until the next Thursday to submit your thing(s) that you did, if you do not make it you will not get any points for that week, but you are still in the contest.
  • There are certain points for certain challenges you do. You can do one, or all of them, just remember: the most points win.
  • There are three teams! The teams are: Mouse, Squirrel, and Bird. We will decide which people go on which team.


We are just announcing the contest this week, the first round won’t start until next week 😀

We would really love it if you would take the survey to enter into RATC! 😀 You can do so…


Also Ari brought up a great point, please don’t say you are anonymous, pen names/pseudonyms are okay though! 😛
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Thanks for reading!

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Have you ever hosted a contest? Will you be entering our contest? (please do 😉 ) What do you think?

Don’t forget to enter into RATC!

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    1. Yay, thanks, Rhi! (it’s okay if I call you that right? XD)
      I asked my mom if I can follow yours but she hasn’t looked at it yet… hopefully she does soon!

      1. You can most certainly call me that – I do, and everyone else does. My sign off on my blog is just pretty mock-formal lol! (You should be all ok with my blog, my parents look at it and they’re pretty strict!) I’ve just made it private tho… but I’ll approve you ASAP! Rhi xxx

I love comments!! The only thing I ask is that you keep them clean. Thank you! :D