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Introducing… RATC!!!

Hello everyone!! 😀 Today is an extra post. I have a very exciting announcement to make!! So let’s just get right into it! 🙂 So… what is RATC about?? (RATC graphic credit to Ariana) RATC stands for Random Awesome Topics Challenge (as you can see by the poster XD) A while back, Ariana asked me, Christina, …

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Hello from the beach!

Hello everyone! I am currently at the beach with a bunch of my family! We left yesterday evening and will stay here til Sunday. But then we come back next Saturday and stay til Wednesday…. so expect a lot of photos! 😉 Sorry for the kinda late post, usually I try to get them up …

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My life

Camp NaNo recap… did I win?!?!

Camp NaNo was…………………. AWESOME! Let me just say that! I had so much fun chatting, sprinting, sharing snippets, and obviously writing! Thank you so much to the awesome girls in my cabin for sharing this new experience with me! <3 This was my first time doing Camp NaNo… my original goal was 50,000 words. But then life …

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