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Room Tour!!

Hello! Today I have decided to show you my room! I share a room with my sister. Me and Claire’s (my sis) personalities are very, very different. She LOVES the color pink, she even bought a sign from Hobby Lobby that we have on our desk that says, “Life is better in pink.” XD *shakes head* *sighs* I like more blue colors and sometimes purple too! Ok *drum roll* Introducing……MY BEDROOM!!!! 😀

 WELCOME TO MY ROOM!!!!!! 😀 This is one side…


 And this is the other side. I, like Megan, have very unusual dresser handles XD two of mine are not painted and they are  a different kind


 Sorry the quality of this picture is absolutely terrible but this is my desk.


 My bookshelf!


 Then here we have our easel which my friend so kindly decorated!


 The bunk bed! I have top bunk and my sister has the bottom bunk. 🙂


 Here is my bed and Livvy awwwww <3


 My shelf which looks extremely crowded but in real life its more organized, I promise XD


 Underneath my shelf I have three animal posters I put up several years ago and their cute so I still have them.


 This is my pillow armchair thingy which is very comfortable…I am sitting on it right now!


 Here is Claire’s bed 🙂


 This is my sign, it is hanging right beside our door XD I love flip flops!


 And post-it notes! These things are awesome and so helpful, we have some sitting on our desk!


 On top of the dresser we have several things: a chalkboard, a painted unicorn my sister decorated when she was little that holds up the chalkboard and letters that spell out Lizzy which my brother made me out of Legos!


 This little owl (another post-it note I’m obsessed) is on the top part of our closet door, her name is Susan (from Narnia)


 We have a bunch of little paintings on our wall that my Mom’s friend did when I was about 4


 This is my sister’s beanbag chair (it’s kinda old, poor thing)


 This is my necklace rack!

Thank you for touring my room! I hope you enjoyed! 😀 😀

Do we have similar tastes? Do you like my room? What does your room look like? Should I do a post showing my collection of necklaces?


  1. Peoples in real life I’m not that obsessed with pink I like turquoise. Liz you will admit its gotten better.

  2. Haha! Post it notes! I’m going to send you all mine since I NEVER use them…and then when I want them I never can find them XD

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