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Book Spotlight and Character Interview (Jordy) // Beyond Her Calling Book Tour!

Good morning everyone! 😀

Today I’m participating in the book tour for Beyond Her Calling and I’m excited! I was able to beta this book and I loved it!! Seriously though, it was so good. 😉

Anyway, I will be doing a book spotlight and a character interview with the one and only… Jordy McAllen! 😀

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But first… let’s start off with a few quotes from the book! 🙂




Beyond Her Calling…


Beyond Her Calling, front cover

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? I like it! 🙂


About the book…

Blurb #1:

At twenty, Ivy Knight feels as if she hasn’t accomplished anything of worth. Her life stretches on before her, empty and pointless. Though her faith in God and her mental abilities have been strengthened, she still doubts herself. Does God have a purpose for a socially awkward, often confused and frightened young woman?


Jordy McAllen has just returned to Scotland after his education in London. Though he has accomplished a lot for a farm lad such as himself, he fears that what everyone has always said about him may be true: he won’t really make a good doctor. Determined to prove himself, Jordy snatches up the opportunity to become the doctor in the village of Keefmore near his parents’ farm.


Helping Jordy with his work at Keefmore seems like the perfect opportunity for Ivy. Still, she doubts herself. Is there a purpose to Ivy’s life?



Blurb #2:


A clean and pure Christian historical romance with:


-friendship to romance (which is actually based on love)

-mental disabilities rep




-cows (and being afraid of cows)


-small adorable children

-more Scotland

-awesome families

-siblings and best friends and both at once



These are the two theme verses for Beyond Her Calling. 🙂


And some more quotes! 😉


Now for the interview with Jordy! Welcome to my blog, Jordy! 🙂


About Jordy…

Jordy McAllen

Jordy McAllen

Bio: Jordy is a former farm lad from the small village of Keefmore, Scotland who has since become a medical doctor. He worked at McCale House, a home for “simpletons,” for many years, which was a wonderful experience. He loves Scotland, people, and good food. He’s a minor character in Ivy Introspective and goes on to take a leading role in Beyond Her Calling.

Fun Info About Jordy:

Full Name: George “Jordy” Albert McAllen

Birthdate: March 1858

Personality Type: ESFP

Personality Info: Jordy loves people. Talking to them, spending time with them, and especially doing crazy things with them. That said, he’s tamed down his “wild side” in his determination to be a respectable doctor. He really does want to help people in any way he can. He’s a strange mix of sensible and enthusiastic; he’s an optimistic realist, you might say. He loves being outside in nature, more active games, and he never turned his nose up at a good meal.

Appearance: Jordy has tends-to-get-messy red-brown hair and honey-gold eyes. He firmly believes he isn’t a redhead—though he’s delusional. He’s of average height and weight.

Background: Jordy was born and raised in the small village of Keefmore in Scotland. At age 12, he decided he wanted to be a doctor. When Jordy met Dr. McCale, he was offered a job as an assistant at the McCale House, a boarding school for mentally challenged children. That’s where he meets Ivy—and of course Violet, too.

At eighteen, he went to London to begin his formal education as a doctor of medicine. And that’s what he’s returning from at the beginning of Beyond Her Calling.

Family: Mr. Albert and Mrs. Annis McAllen, Edith “Edi” (sister), Benjamin “Benji,” Michael “Mick,” Albert “Alby,” and Thomas “Tas” (brothers).

Random Facts:

-Jordy loves to dance. He’s not necessarily good at dancing, but he loves to dance …

-Even Jordy doesn’t know quite where his nickname came from. But he does prefer it over stuffy George Albert.

-Jordy likes dogs, but if he were to pick an animal companion, it would definitely be a cow. Unfortunately, his mother never took kindly to him bringing cattle into the cottage.

For more information, check out his latest novel:

Facebook Page:

A quick translation guide to Jordy:
A’right = all right
Tae = to/too
Willna = won’t
Tha = that
Wasna = wasn’t
Dinna = don’t
Th’ = the
Isna = isn’t
An’ = and
No’ = not
1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Oh! A’right, then. Let’s see. I’m a Scottish farm lad, but I’ve become a doctor. I love helpin’ people! Me hope is tae work at a village for a few years an’ then go tae McCale House.
McCale House is a home for, well, idiots if ye dinna mind th’ turn o’ phrase. (Miss Roth says people willna tolerate callin’ people who are simple “idiots” in her time, but look, I dinna know how else tae say it!) An’ anyway, tha’s where I’d like tae work.
I have four younger brothers an’ a younger sister – Edith, Benjamin, Michael, Albert, an’ Thomas though I call them “Edi, Benji, Mick, Alby, an’ Tas.”
What else? Oh, my hair isna red; it’s brown with red tints. Really.
2.) When did you decide you wanted to become a doctor?
I admit I wasna so sure when I first met Dr. McCale. I was glad someone was interested in helpin’ me get an education – tha’s nice. But becomin’ a doctor? Ach, tha’s a lot o’ responsibility for a Scottish farm lad.
But as I saw th’ good work Dr. McCale was doin’, an’ th’ good work I could do as a doctor, I decided I wanted to do it – even though I’m no’ th’ best at exams, mind!
3.) How did you meet Ivy?
She was a patient at McCale House! Well, student. It’s more o’ a school than a hospital. Helpin’ peoples’ minds, no’ their bodies.
4.) Who’s your favorite sibling?
Ach! Dinna make me answer tha’ one. (Though Edi, because she would kill me with a spatula if I said elsewise!) (Dinna tell her I said that.)
5.) What’s your favorite part about being a doctor?  
Helpin’ folks, o’ course! Is there a better thing on this earth?
Thanks for doing this interview, Jordy! 🙂



About The Author…


Kellyn Roth lives on an Eastern Oregon ranch with her parents, little brothers, border collies, cats, and a few dozen cows and chickens. Always a lover of a good story, and especially of telling one, she’s been writing since she was seven and published her first novel at fourteen. Now a homeschool grad, she divides her time between penning her next Christian historical novel, creating professionally silly articles at, and her actual life. Actual life plays second fiddle sometimes, though.
Find out more on her website:


Where can I find the book, you may ask? Where can I enter the giveaway?





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Thanks for reading! 🙂 I enjoyed being a part of this book tour!

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Have you read Beyond Her Calling? Thoughts? Did you enjoy my interview with Jordy? How many books have you read in the Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series? Are you going to buy Beyond Her Calling?

See ya later! 🙂

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