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February in Review + March Goals! (Camp NaNo is SO CLOSE!)

Good morning everyone! πŸ™‚ Today is my normal monthly wrap-up. February was a super fun month… mainly because of my birthday… just kidding!!!Β 

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Goals for February…

Goals I completed will be in green.

  • Read 10 books

*shrugs* We were super busy this month???

  1. Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry {Goodreads}
  2. Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale {Goodreads}
  3. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin {Goodreads}
  4. When Comes the Spring by Janette Oke {Goodreads}
  5. Welcome Home by Michaela Bush {Goodreads}
  6. The Case of the Missing Hero by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick {Goodreads}
  7. The King’s Shadow by Elizabeth Alder {Goodreads}
  • Finish Nehemiah, read Esther, and start Job

Check, check, check!

  • Actually make progress on finishing massive summer tbr because it’s ridiculous that I haven’t yet

Okay…. ya know what?! I’m ditching this. It’s annoying. I’ll make another one this summer. πŸ˜‚

  • Celebrate my BIRTHDAY!

Well, of course I did that! πŸ˜‰

  • Be a good productive person who gets all her school work done

Yeah…… I think so.

  • Take updated house pictures for house update


  • Post House Update #2!!

If you would like to read it, here ya go!

  • Take pictures of almond blossoms (hopefully)

I did!!! They bloomed late this year because it’s been so cold, (it went below freezing in FEBRUARY like two or three times. February’s usually like spring for us!!) but they are currently in full bloom! (but it’s raining a lot, so….)

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Goals for March:

(MARCH!! Can you believe it?!)
  • Decide on project(s) for Camp NaNo!! (AHHHH GUYS I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!)
  • Plot at least a little bit of mentioned project(s)
  • (^still haven’t decided how heavily I’m going to plot them out. XD)
  • Read 10 books
  • Finish reading Job
  • Schedule all posts
  • Go to a local bookstore as well as Barnes & Noble (giftcards!)
  • Post a review of ARC I should be getting in the mail very soon!!!
  • Get more practice using my watercolors
  • Take pictures for book haul post coming probably in April! (this is pretty much just a reminder. XD)
  • Figure out what posting schedule will look like for April (because Camp NaNo updates as well as normal posting… maybe write up a few posts ahead of time???)
  • Study for CM
  • Do CM and pass onto Level 6 (!!)
  • Study for big test
  • Take big test and get a good grade! πŸ˜€

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Posts from February…

January is OVER and now it’s FEBRUARY! {a recap}

House Update #2


SNOWBALL AND THE MISSING APPLE BLOG TOUR! // Spotlight, Interview with Snowball, and Review! (GIVEAWAY!)*

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! + Birthday Haul! πŸ˜€

*I posted an extra post this month, yayyy!

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What happened in February??

  • I participated in a photo challenge (post to probably come later. πŸ˜‰ )
  • I (also) participated in a fun mock trial my co-op did! (I was a witness… the defense asked me a question I wasn’t sure how to answer, so that was interesting. XD)
  • I ate. A lot. XD
  • it rained a lot!


  • worked out at the new house
  • got a new thermos (!!)
  • celebrated several birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day happened = candy
  • had a “Thanksgiving in February” celebration/turkey cook-off… nine turkeys, you guys!!! (and lots of other food because it’s kinda Thanksgiving! XD)


  • did a family event because family from Ohio came for a visit!
  • celebrated my birthday!
  • in general had tons of fun! πŸ˜€

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Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great week! πŸ™‚


What did you do in February? Excited about Camp NaNo? (BECAUSEΒ I AM!!) Any goals for March?

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  1. Oh my word Liz…. NINE turkeys? that’s a lot of meat o_o
    That picture is so cool! That is an awful lot of birds (more than nine haha)
    Good luck with all your March goals!
    (as a bystander, I am excited for every one else to be doing Nano xD)

    1. Haha, yep!! It was very delicious. All of them were cooked a different way!
      Thanks! (and yes it is. XDD)
      Thank you!! (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

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