Cassia’s Photography Challenge Day 9 and 10

Today is the last day of Cassia’s photography challenge! I can’t believe it’s over already! Thank you so much, Cassia, for hosting it!! 😀 I hope there will be another one in the future!

Anyway, since I missed yesterday (I was at my Grandma’s literally ALL day long. More on that in another post) I will also be doing that.

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Day 9 – A Bouquet of Flowers


This was taken at my Grandma’s house, a few days ago, (definitely not the best shot, I was in a hurry 😉 ) of some roses!


Day 10 (the final day!) – Donuts!


Winter = bad lighting XDD

These were some donuts we had for my sister’s birthday! Yum!

I was telling my Mom what the prompt was today and now we’re having pastries for breakfast tomorrow 😛

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Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed all my photos for this challenge! 🙂

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