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RATC Round 1

Hello guys, we have RATC worked out now! So sorry about the delay also sorry that there have been 3 posts in the last 24 hours — whoops!

Let’s go!

Also you can still sign up HERE!!

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Team Squirrel:




Team Bird:



Now, this weeks challenge’s!


Take a picture of something unique (15)

Take a picture of a sunset/sunrise (10)

Take a picture of something of your choice (5)


Write a story about a lottery of your choice, 1,300 words. (10)

Write a story about a grieving girl, how she grows from it, 1,750 words. (15)

Write a story about a boy saving a girl’s life, 1,500-2,500 words. (20)

DIY’S: Birthday DIY (15)

Summer DIY (10)

Baby Shower DIY (10)

(Ariana came up with these challenges, Christina did next weeks, and I will do week 3!)


Rules and things:

  • Each Thursday we will post on our blogs with this poster and talk to the people who signed up for the contest, and give you the rules, categories, and challenges for that week.
  • You will have until the next Thursday to submit your thing(s) that you did, if you do not make it you will not get any points for that week, but you are still in the contest. (let us know if you have to drop out)
  • There are certain points for certain challenges you do. You can do one, or all of them! And you don’t have to do every category, do what you enjoy most! 🙂
  • Contact us or link your posts in the comments please!
  • Let me (or the other hosts) know if you have any questions!

I hope you guys have fun with this! And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up!


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Thanks for putting up with me and my craziness XD

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Will you join RATC? Any questions?

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