CPC Challenge 1

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you my entry to CPC Challenge 1. (hosted by Carol)

I will post the rules for week 1 of RATC tomorrow bad contest host!  Sorry! I was gone all this morning! And then watched Pride & Prejudice in the afternoon.

But if want to find out sooner, you can check out Christina’s post here.

This story is from one of the characters from the novel I’m writing, Mason’s POV. Enjoy!

I am on Team Strawberry!


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I peered through the window and I could see Jane standing in the kitchen, stirring a bowl of something.

Whatever it was, most likely, it would be delicious!

Anything she made was always delicious!

I heard a door open and then slam shut.

“Oh! Hey Daniel!” I sprang away from the window.

“Hello Mason.”

Dan brushed past me to stand in the middle of our yard looking out at the swirl of colors. Orange, pink, purple, blue, and hints of yellow painted the sky.

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He turned back to me, smiling.

“Isn’t this a gorgeous sunset?” without waiting for a reply, he started off towards the barn only saying “I’m heading off to do some extra chores dad gave me, see ya.”

“Yeah… alright.” I headed over to the back door and walked in, hoping to be able to get a taste of whatever it was my sister was cooking.

Whatever it was. Boy did it smell good!

I pulled my coat off. (wintertime was upon us and it was cold.) It was only 5 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was already setting. It wasn’t fair.

“Hi Jane!” I threw my coat onto the floor and rushed over to the kitchen where Jane stood. I saw her cast a glance towards my coat but she didn’t say anything.

I decided I’d put it anyway later. At present there was more important things to talk of. “Whatcha making?” I tried to look up into the bowl but, of course, I wasn’t tall enough.

“Cookies.” Jane looked down, beaming!

“Mmmmmm!” I licked my lips, then walked to the other side of the counter.


But the warning came too late, I slipped on a wet rag sitting on the floor and while falling grabbed the countertop for support.

Unfortunately, a bag of flour was also on the counter.

I thought I could stop it from happening.

Thud. Onto the floor I went, the open package of flour, spilling out on top of me.


“Ohh Mason!” Jane moaned.

Just then mom walked in. She stopped and stared then walked back out. Returning shortly with a broom which handed to me and turned to Jane.

“How in the world did this happen?” she asked incredulously, motioning to me.

“I’m sorry, mom, Mason slipped on the rag I had on the floor. There was a sticky spot and I put it there to let it soak in and figured I would mop it up later!”

“It’s okay, Janey. Help Mason wipe it up!”

“Yes, mom.” Jane replied obediently and crouched down to dust the flour off my shirt.

Later that evening after supper when the flour had finally been cleaned up (it was an almost full bag, you know) our family sat down to freshly baked cookies and a glass of milk while Dad read us a story.

And that was even better than plain old cookie dough.

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I hope you liked that! See you tomorrow! 😀 (I got 3 points, I will do better next time 😛 )

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