Entry to Lydia’s Contest + Problems???

Hello everyone! Today I am giving you my entry to Lydia’s contest! The category is morning and since I don’t really have any morning pictures, like sunrise pictures. I will be doing something slightly different. 🙂

Here you go Lydia! I took this picture, I think on Sunday?? Or Saturday….

Anyway I took several other pictures that day so expect a post coming on those soon! 😉

Now Starling told me today that she was having problems following my blog even though she WordPress says she is subscribed to me with the reader…

I was wondered if anyone else is having/has had this problem??

Obviously if you’re reading this post you probably got an email/it appeared in your reader, but I just wanted to ask!


Thanks for reading!

How’s life? Are you joining the contest? What do you think of my picture? Does it look like morning to you?


I love comments!! The only thing I ask is that you keep them clean. Thank you! :D