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Hello! Today I have some random photography I want to share with you! Hope you enjoy!!

 Aren’t these pencils cute? I love them!!


 My sister and I got them for Valentine’s Day from some of our friends. Do you like having cute erasers on your pencils?


 A couple years ago we threw our old Halloween pumpkins into our compost pile in the backyard and last year these little guys starting growing! 🙂 But my sister picked some before they were ripe. And yeah we still have them XD


 Look at Oreo, he’s so cute!! Also sorry for the weird lighting on this picture, I don’t know what happened… 🙂 If you want more pictures on Oreo go to this post!!!


 I think this picture looks neat, what do you think??


 Oreo, you bad bunny why are you out of your cage??? Actually he’s a good bunny he didn’t run away XD Ohhh Snowy (our cat) Is he sleeping?


 Ohhh this picture actually turned out pretty good!! 😀

DId you like my pictures? Which one was your favorite? Which one was your least favorite? Do you have any mischievous bunnies? 🙂



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