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Hot Chocolate Bar Pictures!!

Hello! Yesterday my sister set up a hot chocolate bar and I took some pictures to share with you!

We had all the fixings for hot chocolate along with some trail mix and goldfish


 I don’t really like goldfish but I did have some trail mix

 My sister put some tea towels down on our desk and then put everything on top of that




 Cinnamon and mini Chocolate chips 😀


We got this cute set of cups for my Mom a couple years ago I think for Christmas, there’s 6 total but three of them were dirty, each cup has a city on it: Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo and New York!


Each cup has several of the landmarks within the city all over the cup, for example some of the things the Paris cup has on it are the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine River

Here’s my cup, I had Shanghai


 Here’s my sister’s cup, she had Paris. I let her take the pictures of her cup so she took this picture and the next!


 I like this picture even though it’s at a weird angle, apparently I should use more whipped cream and mini chocolate chips if I want my hot chocolate to look better in pictures XD

Do you like Hot Chocolate? What toppings do you use for it?

P.S. Opinions on the new sign off?

P.P.S My Mom, Sister and Dad all have Birthdays this month so be prepared for a wave of Birthday posts!! XD


  1. Hot chocolate bars are fun. We have them sometimes. I like whipped cream and candy canes.
    Your snowflakes on the sign off are cute. We have five birthdays in October so that is a pretty busy month!

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