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Party Supplies!

Hello! How are you guys doing today? I’m doing good and I hope you are too! Today I’m showing you all the supplies we are using to do my little sister’s birthday party!

First off you NEED plates so we got these cute little paper dinner plates


Then here are some dessert plates with cupcakes on them!


(Sorry this picture looks a little weird, the day I took it, it was very cloudy) Anyways, next we have some pink (my sister’s favorite color) napkins!


 I don’t really know why we bought sprinkles, but we did, I don’t think we had any, but sprinkles are never a bad thing XD


 BALLOONS!! I love balloons, there so fun to blow up and every party needs balloons! 😀


 Now we have party hats!


 Icing bags, we were out of these and we need them to decorate our cake (pictures on that later 😉 )


 Streamers are also good for decorating, do you like the colors we got?


 Last but not least we have Chocolate Hugs and Kisses, these things are soooo good we usually use candy as a centerpiece meaning we will just sprinkle some around the middle YUM!!

Do you know anybody who has an upcoming birthday? Did I forget any party supplies? Have you tried Hugs and Kisses before?


I love comments!! The only thing I ask is that you keep them clean. Thank you! :D