Merry Christmas!

Note: This is a pre-written and pre-scheduled post because guess what? It’s CHRISTMAS!! 😀

I just wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you have a great day! Today I’m just going to do a post where I put all my favorite pictures I in took in December into one post! Hope you enjoy!

I don’t really love this picture but I think it kinda looks interesting, what do you think?

Paper snowflakes!!

Wow… I did not take that many photos in December, I guess we were just really busy, but because that was just two pictures I’m going to put in a couple from November!

I don’t know why I just love this picture! The fall leaves and me wearing my PJ pants and a pair of old, beat-up sneakers 🙂

A Butterfly! Isn’t it so pretty? Name ideas??


I LOVE this picture! It’s a ladybug with both sets of wings out getting ready to fly! 🙂 (it’s on my brothers wrist)


 Shoutout to Mandalynn from Books, Baking and Writing for coming up with the name for this ladybug! The name is Marien 🙂

And that’s all folks, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Which photo was your favorite??

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