Christmas Haul!

OK guys let me just start out this post by saying….This is just for fun, I’m not trying to brag or compare my gifts to other peoples, but I love reading other bloggers post’s like this also I desperately needed more blogging material and I hope you do too! (Also these gifts are just in the order they were on my computer)

Hello! Today is a Christmas Gift Haul! 🙂


#1 A Notebook: This is a dark green notebook that has a leaves theme on it. It has some string and ties off with a fancy leaf clasp. Inside it’s similar to binder so you can change out the paper

                                                                The color inside the notebook is dark brown


 #2 A Puzzle: This is a 750 piece puzzle by Charles Wysocki who is one of my favorite puzzle makers/people/artists or whatever you call them XD. This Puzzle is called The Cats of Charles Wysocki. I also got another puzzle (I think it’s the brand CobbleHill) And it has teapots on it


 #3 A Devotional Calendar: This is a calendar that has a verse for every day            

                      Here is an example for January 1st (New Year’s Day!! Can you believe that 2018 is so close!?!?)


 #4 A Box: This is a box made out of Cedar wood so it smells really good! Its has a small padlock and a set of keys to go with it! Isn’t it so pretty?


 #5 A Coloring Set: Isn’t this box cover interesting? Inside it has a poster, a big coloring book that says “Inspire” on it, a smaller one that says “Imagine” and a set of Colored Pencils, I think 8 of them

I will definitely be using this!


 #6 A Colorku: If you don’t know what a sudoku puzzle is then this will make no sense whatsoever, I’m not going to even try to explain it because I’m terrible at explaining things… This is basically just an oversized version of a sudoku that uses colored wooden balls instead of numbers, It’s really fun to do! (Sorry this photo is so blurry)

                               The little box beside it has solvable puzzles inside so you can set it up identically to                                                                                          how the card shows you and then try to figure it out!


                                          Oh hello Cat… why are you biting my puzzle box? 😀 😀

Did you have a good Christmas?? Are you looking forwards to 2018?

P.S. After the new year I’ll probably design a new sign-off, so be on the look-out for that! 😀



  1. Those all look so cool! I love your leaf notebook ;D I had a great Christmas, and I’m super excited for the new year! What about you? (When you said “Hello, Cat” I thought you were talking to me… XD)

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