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Camp NaNo Recap — Days 1-7

Good morning everyone! Today we’re going to find out how I’ve been doing on Camp NaNo.

My project is a new novel called Growing Up.

Just for reference, here’s a rough blurb:

When her best friend and cousin challenges her to a novel-writing competition, Vanessa decides it would be fun and accepts. The simplest thing to do for her novel idea would to write about her life–and what an interesting life she’s had!!

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Day 1 (4/1/19)

Words Written Today: 2,013

Overall Goal: 2,013 out of 25,000 words

Today I started my novel and I’m so excited! This is a super fun and easy one to write because I pre-plotted (some of) the chapters! I totally recommend doing that! Just a thirty word summary of each chapter.

*I kinda want to go for 50k, so we’ll see how long I can keep this up.*


Day 2 (4/2/19)

Words Written Today: 1,276

Overall Goal: 3,289 out 25,000

Finished chapter four today! Then I realized I left a character (a little sibling) completely out of two chapters, so I had to go back and add her in. XD

I’ve been doing lots of word sprints yesterday and today and it’s awesome!


Day 3 (4/3/19)

Words Written Today: 1,691

Overall Goal: 4,980 out of 25,000

Today was a nice day for writing… I got a decent amount done! I had a sprint with Rose that was kinda interesting. I ironed a skirt and then wrote fifty words (though sometimes more), then ironed a skirt and wrote another fifty words! It worked! 😀


Day 4 (4/4/19)

Words Written Today: 1,644

Overall Goal: 6,624 out of 25,000

Still keeping it up. 🙂


Day 5 (4/5/19)

Words Written Today: 486

Overall Goal: 7,110 out of 25,000

Ugh. Today was not so good…. I was super tired (probably mostly because of allergies) and had hardly any inspiration. Not fun. I did plot one chapter though… *shrugs*

Update: after supper I felt better and wrote a couple hundred more words. 🙂


Day 6 (4/6/19)

Words Written Today: Big fat ZERO.

Overall Goal: 7,110 out of 25,000

Guys, I was so sick today!! 🙁 Not fun. At all.


Day 7 (4/7/19)

Words Written Today: 517

Overall Goal: 7,627 out of 25,000

Feeling quite a bit better today, but still pretty tired. :/ At least I wrote! 😉

Also, I decided I’m not going to try to go for a bigger goal… my life is slightly too crazy for that right now. Oh well!

ALSO, this is the last time, I promise, I’ve been telling my cabin about this parakeet I’ve been seeing in a tree across the street… well, now that one parakeet’s turned into three! O.o They’re fun to watch though… XD




I had resolved that to write something, you must know a great deal about what it is you will write. The conclusion I came to was that the simplest thing to do would be to write about my own life!

Now, as my document was finally loaded, I typed these words:

Growing Up by Vanessa Suzanne Thomas

These won’t be very good snippets since it’s only the first draft, but I have to include some! 😉

Chapter II


March 3, 1983


The sound of a crying baby rang out in the small hospital room. A woman was gasping for breath on a hospital bed, her baby finally in her arms. Her tall husband stood beside her, gazing at their newborn child adoringly.

The baby girl had a few strands of dark chocolate brown hair and muddy blue eyes.

A nurse came over from writing something on a clipboard on the other side of the room. “Congratulations, you two! Your little girl is too precious.”

The mother smiled at the praise. “Call me Millie,” she said softly.

“And I’m Jonah,” the tall man said absently, not taking his eyes off his child.

“I’m Lila. Is this your first child?” she asked, making a note on her clipboard.

“Our second. We have another one named Brandon,” Millie explained as she passed the small bundle with great care to her husband.

“How sweet! Have you picked out a name?”

Jonah and Millie exchanged a glance and Jonah nodded assuredly.

“Vanessa Suzanne!” Millie announced proudly.

After all, isn’t that what second draft is for?! 😛

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading how I’ve been doing in Camp NaNo! 😀 See ya soon. 😉


Are you doing Camp NaNo? What’s your project? Are you ahead of your goal? Tell me all about it! If not, what are you spending your April doing?

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  1. But Liz, I wanna know what happens to the parakeets! Where did they come from, where did they go? Something something cotton eyed joe? O_O XD Also, you’re doing much better than me! I wrote nothing yesterday. -_- Keep it up!

    1. Haha, I HAVE NOOOO IDEA. They are just here. XDD I think they need names… If I keep it up, you have to write too…. LET’S DO IT, JO! 😀

  2. I love seeing these posts from you! 😀 I’m sorry that you got sick 🙁 There’s been this horrible cold going around for the past month where I live, and it sucketh.

    1. Thank youuu! 😀 KEEP WRITING, LYDIA!! Hehe… thanks for your faith in me, but I think I’m gonna step back from that a bit… life is a little too crazy. XD

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