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Camp NaNo Update + CPC entry + THE GIVEAWAY IS ALMOST OVER!!

Hi everyone! I am back today with a Camp NaNo update! 🙂

Also I’m submitting my CPC entry for this challenge, hope you enjoy!

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Check out my last Camp NaNo post here! 🙂 (I included my synopsis in that post 😉 )

Day 13 (7/13/18)

Today I got my time up to 535 minutes!!

In the evening, I did a fun sprint with Emmie!


Day 14 (7/14/18)

Haha, nothing. 🙁

We had my brother’s birthday party on this day and also some other errands to do so it was crazy and I got in zero writing time!


Day 15 (7/15/18)

My brother’s birthday, happy birthday Andrew! 😀

I got in 73 minutes today which was good! That brings me up to 608 minutes!


Day 16 (7/16/18)

After 67 minutes of writing today, I reached 675 minutes out of my total 1,800 minute goal! 🙂


Day 17 (7/17/18)

Only 61 minutes of work today but that’s still pretty good, I think! 😀

By the way guys, I am so close to being finished writing my novel!!! (did I already tell you this???) I’m on the very last chapter (I think!) It’s very very exciting!

Then I think I’m gonna take about a month break from that particular novel and in September, or late August, pick it back up again and EDIT like crazy!! (I love editing XD)

There are some very big changes ahead, it’s gonna be awesome 😛


Day 18 (7/18/18)

Today I worked on my novel mainly but also my CPC entry! (which you will read soon :P)

My total time after this day is 796 minutes, an hour of writing, exactly.


Day 19 (7/19/18)

Yesterday morning I worked 44 minutes (yay!) between one partial (meaning I joined after about 10 minutes) sprint with Julia (Herkel) and Jo and one full sprint with Julia!

Which was good because then we did spring cleaning and a few rounds of Clue so I just barely got in one full hour that day XD (bringing me up to 856 minutes)

So I still have a few hours of catch up to do 😛

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Now, 2 little snippets 😛

“I don’t want to scare her!” she whispered.

“Don’t worry, you won’t,” Susie assured her calmly. “It’s alright!”

Diana took in a deep breath and calmed herself before reaching out to pet our new little animal.

*these are not edited!* 😛

“And her name is…?” Daniel asked excitedly, he loved animals.

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And here is…

My CPC entry for this round! (round 5)

I can’t believe that CPC is almost always over! Okay here is my story for this round! Enjoy!


A girl sat at the corner of a lonely city road, her red hair illuminated by the sun, far above her.

“Why, Ralph!” she complained.

Ralph was, or had been her — Becca’s — best friend and now she was sitting outside of his house waiting for him to appear, who knew when that would be.

She had been sitting there for about an hour already!

Someone came out the door of the house above her, quietly and Becca looked up, hopefully but it was only Ralph’s Mother.

“Hey Mrs. Lewis.” she murmured dejectedly.

“Becca! What are you doing out here? Did you and Ralph have a fight?” she questioned. Mrs. Lewis was always good at guessing what was wrong.

When she didn’t say anything, Mrs. Lewis tried coaxing her again. “Come now, you can tell me!”


As a last resort, Becca looked up towards Ralph’s window, above her on the second floor to see if he was listening.

Unfortunately there was no one there. His window was open, at least.

The warm air shifted around her as Becca drew in a deep breath.

“Ralph… well he had this crazy dream that I did something horrible and he thinks I actually did it and now he blames me for it.”

A car whizzed past the two, going well over the speed limit.

“That car better be careful or–” Mrs. Lewis started to comment but was cut off by the sound of sirens coming quickly in their direction. “Nevermind.”

Becca managed a little smile.


“So what?”

“Did you do the thing Ralph is accusing you of?” Mrs. Lewis looked expectantly at her.

“No! Of course not, that would be terrible!”

“What exactly does he think you did anyway?”

“He thinks… he…” Becca trailed off, lost in sorrowful thought.

Mrs. Lewis raised her eyebrows and lifted her head from where she was leaning on the wall behind her.

“He thinks I’m responsible for the death of your dog, Charlie.”

“Excuse me?”

Mrs. Lewis stared at the girl, dumbfounded.

I swallowed, not wanting to repeat it. Charlie had been such a sweet dog, dear to us all. And we missed him. He had died in a car accident. I know the driver didn’t mean it but still, it hurt.

“You heard what I said.”

Mrs. Lewis wrapped the girl in a hug, “oh dear… I’m so sorry, that’s a horrible thing to get accused of!”

Becca nodded numbly, feeling suddenly like she was going to cry.

Mrs. Lewis rubbed her back, “I’ll go talk to Ralph,” she offered, “I’m sure once he’s aware it was a dream he’ll understand!”

She stood up and started back towards the house.

“I hope so,” Becca mumbled in return.

A minute later, the window closed quietly above me. Probably for the best, that conversation needed to be private.

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Finally, Ralph emerged looking both gloomy and ashamed.

He looked towards me, his expression not readable and I mustered a smile, still not sure about the things that had passed that day.

Ralph sat down beside the girl and silence reigned for at least five minutes before he finally cleared his throat and said meekly, “Was it really a dream?” he sighed, “I don’t really remember.

“Yes! Yes, Ralph, yes! It was a dream.” Becca looked like she felt tired. “C’mon, it’s me, Ralph! Your best friend! What do you mean you don’t remember?!” She sighed, “I would never, ever do something like that. Not to you, your family, your… your dog, or anyone! You should know better than to think of that.”

“I’m sorry, Becca.”

“I forgive you.”

And the story closes with a hug 😛


Not my favorite story I’ve ever wrote but okay 😉

One I really enjoyed was the story I wrote for Challenge 4, I’ll post it sometime!

(also I got 4 points)

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Okay! Final thing! As you probably know, because of my 1 year blogoversary, I am hosting a giveaway!

It ends tomorrow!

My giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada!

You can check out this post for more details!

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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! <3

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Did you enter my giveaway? Are you doing Camp NaNo? What is your goal looking like? What did you think of my entry for CPC?

See ya soon! (to announce the winners of the giveaway, YAY!)

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  1. Congratulations on almost being done your novel! I totally agree on taking month long breaks from them between phases (especially when it’s the writing and rewriting one 😛); that way, you get to come back with fresh eyes. 😉

I love comments!! The only thing I ask is that you keep them clean. Thank you! :D