Livvy got a purple collar!!

Hello! My family’s cat Livvy (Olivia) got this new purple collar and its adorable!! I don’t think I got very many good pictures because for some reason she kept moving but we shall see

ย If Livvy could talk I bet she would say “Oh hello there, get out of my face,” XD


ย This picture is slightly better but you can’t see the collar ๐Ÿ™ Also her eye looks weird don’t worry it’s not like that in real life


ย Right about now she probably getting bored of me taking pictures and is plotting an escape plan


Oh hello again, This was taken inside my sisters fort that she built that day and as you can tell she doesn’t like pink AT ALL! No just kidding it’s her favorite color


ย Sorry some of these pictures look weird it was overcast and cloudy outside so the lighting wasn’t the best


ย Ohhh you can see her collar in this one, Livvy just adores exploring under our chairs, sometimes we’ll be eating supper and something furry will brush by our feet, she such a funny kitty

Anyways thank you Livvy for being on my blog

Do you have a cat? Does she have a collar? What post would you like to see next?


  1. Ughh, I want a cat so badly! We’ve only ever had one cat, but he was really mean and nasty and peed all over our brand new expensive furniture. So now my dad thinks that all cats are like that XD Great photos, Liz! (also, my nickname is Cat, so I just love cats anyways)

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