Christmas is Coming!!

Guys!! Christmas is really close, only 20 days away!! Today I have some random Christmas Decoration Pictures. My family hasn’t gotten our Christmas Tree yet but we will soon and then I will post some pictures.                                                                                                                                       We bought these cute little candy sleighs which make great decorations, presents and (obviously) snacks 😀

 Snowflakes are covering our house right now. The coffee filter ones not real ones, because sadly it doesn’t snow where I live, here in California 🙁

 I didn’t take pictures of all the snowflakes because some were at weird angles and hard to take pictures of and also if I did that would be a super long and boring post. Here are a few more

.That’s all the snowflakes for this post, which one was your favorite?

Here’s a random picture of a very Christmassy looking flower

Sorry this picture is kind of blurry

 This is my new Christmas pillow case my Mom’s friend made, it’s sitting on my partially made bed, accompanied by some random stuffed animals and my Charlie Brown blanket. My sister has a matching one and my brother has one with different fabric.

Do you like my Christmas decorations? Do you have any Christmas Decorations up?

Thanks for reading,                                                                                                                                 Liz






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