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Camp NaNo Recap Days 15-21

Morning everyone! 😀 Yet another week has passed and we are now into the final week of Camp NaNoWriMo. (where we hopefully all finish our projects. ;))

Let’s see what I’ve gotten done this past week.

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Day 15 (4/15/19)

Words Written: 606

Overall Goal: 13,218 out of 25,000

I did mostly school today, but I also stopped by the library, a store to pick up some pictures I got printed, and a music class! 🙂


Day 16 (4/16/19)

Words Written: 396

Overall Goal: 13,614 out of 25,000

Didn’t get as much writing done today, I didn’t feel as motivated. :/


Day 17 (4/17/19)

Words Written: 1,251

Overall Goal: 14,865 out of 25,000

I did a HUGE MWC sprint today with Rebekah, Tess, Jo, and Chloe. It was epic! (we actually did more like 2 and a half, but who is counting. XD)

As you can tell, today was definitely a more productive day! 😀


Day 18 (4/18/19)

Words Written: 1,506

Overall Goal: 16,371 out of 25,00

Did another MWC sprint today with Jo and Chloe. They help you (well, mainly competitive people, like me. XD) write sooo many words!!

Less than 10,000 words to finish my goal!! 😀


Day 19 (4/19/19)

Words Written: 7

Overall Goal: 16,378

*cough* WELLLLL… today I focused more on writing this blog post (took me awhile), helping my mom clean house, and preparing for Communion which we were hosting for our house church that night. 🙂

Also, I haven’t really told you guys about these yet, but Emmie made us some challenges for our cabin to participate in together. We have four different teams and a different challenge that earns us points each week. This week, we have to complete word crawls. I just finished my first one yesterday!! They take a LONG time. XD But the challenges are great, thanks for making them, Emmie!! 😀


Day 20 (4/20/19)

Words Written: 379

Overall Goal: 16,766 out of 25,000

Today I started reading an ARC (:D), drove the truck for my Grandpa down the rows of his orchard, went to a friend’s wildflower sale, made the BEST EVER biscuits and gravy with my dad, and… yeah! 🙂

But I did fit a little writing in here and there. 😉 Still on track to finish! 😀


Day 21 (4/21/19)

Words Written: 816

Overall Goal: 17,582 out of 25,000

Happy Easter!! He is risen!!! 😀

Today, I celebrated Easter with my family and enjoyed God’s beautiful creations! (my Grandma’s roses are blooming!! 😍)

I also ate a lot of food! (Al Gratin potatoes, anyone?)

Then, I wrote. So it was a very good day. 😉



*this is my writing and story idea, please do not steal, thank you*

Two small heads pop out from the head of the stairs.

“Vanessa!!” Ashley squeals and runs down the stairs to give me a hug. “You’re here!”

I laugh, “Hey, Ashley! How are you?”

She nods vigorously as an answer.

I grin and look back up the stairs. “Derek? You coming down?”

The four year old was still standing at the top of the steps. His thumb is in his mouth and he looks at me for a moment. “Hi.” he says, sitting down on the top step with a thump.

I chuckle at the shy but adorable four year old. “Are you hungry?”

His extroverted sister answered excitedly for him. “I am! I am! Mom made some sandwiches and I LOVE sandwiches. Come on, come on!” she starts to pull at my hand, but I stop her.

“Just a second, Ashley, let’s wait for your brother.”

She sits down on the floor with a huff. “Come onnnnn, Derek!”

I love writing these kids. They’re such characters!! XD



“Yeah mom?” Millie could hear her daughter holler at her from the other end of the house.

“Come here please!”

“Just a second!!”

Millie counted to thirty slowly in her head. “Vanessa, I asked you to come here! Where are you?”

“Okay, I’m coming….”

Vanessa flew through the doorway of the living room. “Sorry, I was reading. Did you need something?”

Millie smiled. Of course she was reading. Wasn’t she always?

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See you guys next week! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!! There are a few entries that you can do once per day, so keep that in mind! 😉


What have you been writing this April? How was your Easter?

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