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My 2019 Resolutions + Some Christmas Gifts

Good morning everyone! πŸ™‚ Happy new year!! I hope it’s been a good year for you so far!

Today, I will be sharing my 2019 resolutions and some of my Christmas gifts! (this post was not done to brag, I honestly enjoy reading this type of post, so I am doing one on my blog!)

Let us begin!

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First, my resolutions! πŸ™‚

  1. Finish reading through the whole Bible. (I’ve already read parts of it)
  2. Read 100 books
  3. Make $700 in total profit between my siblings and I. (selling eggs, Ebay, Etsy, and craft fairs)
  4. Get all my things sufficiently ready for moving
  5. Figure out how to organize/get furniture and decorations for my new room
  6. Work on my Etsy shop and get it decently organized
  7. Keep working on crocheting/sewing
  8. Write another book
  9. Write several short stories
  10. Get much better at art
  11. Read through the Narnia series (:D)
  12. Finish fiveΒ otherΒ series

Some of those are gonna be more challenging than others, but I’m excited to see what I can get done! πŸ™‚

Continuing on….. that was a very short part.



A lovely lady from my church gave me this mug! It’s white with gold designs and very pretty. πŸ™‚ I used it to drink hot chocolate from the day I took this picture. πŸ˜‰


I put a Wreck This Journal on my wishlist and I received two! Thankfully, they were different editions.



I think they’re gonna be fun to make art (and messes) in! They have some really creative prompts! πŸ˜€


My siblings gave me a set of headbands and I was so happy because they’re ACTUALLY COMFORTABLE!! A lot of headbands are too tight and give me headaches or are just plain uncomfortable, but these are nice and stretchy and soft! πŸ™‚ I got three colors… the gray one on my head (ignore my crazy hair! XD) and the blue and pink ones in my hand! I wear these headbands a lot. They’re awesome!


Ooh! My parents gave my sister and I this book! (we each got one) It has a daily drawing prompts with lots of room to draw in the book! It’s pretty fun… maybe I’ll post some of my drawings… eventually…


Speaking of drawing, I also have a lot of new markers and pens!!! I’ve used them a ton already and they work great!


These are some metallic, glittery pens… on the package it said ‘smooth as ice cream’ and at the time, I laughed, but now that I’ve used them, I’ve found that IT’S ACTUALLY TRUE!


I also got a new set of gel pens! πŸ™‚

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope this slideshow works… if it does, these are picture of the pens I got!! I think these will be very helpful in drawing!


Brush markers!! I’ve been using them for lots of things… especially writing names on letters! πŸ˜€


I got this Bible verse calendar from my grandparents! I had one last year too and really enjoyed reading the daily verses. πŸ™‚


Oreooooo!! My aunt finally just gave us her bunny! (who we had been long term pet-sitting) He’s so furry! πŸ˜€


Hehe, my uncle gave everyone a pig that makes squeaking noises! It’s kinda funny!


They’re fun to take pictures of too! πŸ˜‰




My grandparents gave me books 3-8 in the Anne of Green Gables series! Now I have all of them! πŸ˜€

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I think that concludes this post… Thanks so much for reading! πŸ˜€

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What are your resolutions? Are you any good at art? What did you receiveΒ for Christmas? How did you celebrate Christmas?

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  1. Good luck with all your goals for 2019! <3 I loved seeing all the gifts you got, they look amazing and I hope you enjoy them. That's so cool that you got two different Wreck This Journals. XD I've always wanted one, maybe I'll have to get one someday? Great post, Liz!

  2. ANNE! Ahh. You got so many great gifts! Those fineliner pens look great, as does the “draw everyday” book. Oh, and I’m 100% with you on headbands. I always get headaches from them. *sighs*

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