In Preparation for April Fool’s Day: A List of Pranks for your own amusement

Hello! This April Fool’s Day is very different from a lot of the rest. Why? Because it falls on the same day as Easter Sunday! Because of this I will warn you, it is probably not the best idea to go overboard with pranks during the Easter Church Service and dinner with your family and friends. But all the same I am still giving you 8 easy and not so harmful pranks! XD

Thank you Claire (my sister) for helping me prepare and test out these pranks 😀

This first prank will be very infuriating to your victims. (I actually did not test this one out so hopefully it works XD)


Step 1: Take clear nail polish and a bar of soap

Step 2: Give the soap a coat of polish. This way it will not lather.

 This prank is probably the hardest of all these to pull off

Step 1: Take a clear water cup and a piece of paper and fill the cup with water


 (Sorry for the messy background.)

Step 2: Fold the piece of paper so it fits over the cup. Wet the edges of the cup so they stick to the paper. Push down the paper over top of the cup.


 Step 3: Flip the cup over very quickly and slide the paper out from under.

This takes a bit of practice and it spilled a bit, but if you practice doing it quickly the results will prove to be very funny.


 Step 1: Get some kind of playing cards or scraps of paper and put them on top of a ceiling fan. If it is cold where you live you probably won’t be able to do this, but if it is hot where you live ask someone to turn on the fan for you… 😉


 And watch the cards float to the ground


 Not very good at baking? This dessert will be easy!

Step 1: Get a piece of brown construction paper and outline some E’s


 Step 2: Cut them out

Step 3: Put them in a pan with a lid on top and disappoint your family by saying you made brownies. Get it? Brownies? Brown E’s? XD


 This one is very simple.

Step 1: Turn the volume on the TV all the way up

Step 2: Have a piece of black tape (or whatever color your remote is) on hand and put it over the top of the remote

Try it your remote will no longer work! 🙂


 So your remote has batteries right?


 Step 1: Remove the batteries from your remote.


 Step 2: Put the cover back on.

It would be even more hilarious if you combined the last prank together with this one! 😀


 Here you have an ordinary computer mouse….


 That does not work *evil laugh*

Step 1: Take an unsuspecting sibling, parent, friends, or family’s computer mouse and a piece of paper

Step 2: Put a funny message on the piece of paper and tape it over the mouse’s sensor


 This one is easy enough to see…

Step 1: Take a mug or some kind of cup you can’t see through and back it up against a wall

Step 2: Take a Post-it or a piece of paper and with these words “only lift this cup if you are prepared to kill what is underneath,” and tape it on the cup

And that’s all I have for you…

Actually I guess you could always hide worms or something inside the Easter eggs XD

I hope this inspires you and you have fun with your family!  😀

What are you doing for spring break? What are your Easter traditions? What is the best prank you have ever played on someone? Are you going to try any of these pranks? Which one is your favorite?

Also sorry for the quality of some of these pictures, my camera is not very good when it has low battery.

Also thank you Pinterest for the picture in my featured image.

Ok this is getting really long. Bye!


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